Mangal Lakshmi 3rd April 2024 Written Episode Update: Karthik tells everyone about his affair with Somiya

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Scene 1
Adit says she is my girlfriend. I love her. That’s why I got a gift for her. Got it? Lakshmi is shocked. Does she say what are you saying? She says that means those flowers were also for Somiya. I saw you buying them. Adit says yes it was for her. Your doubt was right. I have lied enough. I won’t lie anymore. I’ve had enough burden.

Kusum locks herself in the room. She says my Adit can’t do that. He can’t hide such a big thing from me. Papa and Mangal ask her to open the door. Mangal says I need to talk to you.

Lakshmi says you can’t do this to my sister. This isn’t possible. she trusts and loves you so much. How will she bear this? She must not have imagined this in her dreams. Such a big betrayal. You married her, you have kids and a family. He says this is the truth go adn tell everyone. I don’t care. Somiya comes there. Lakshmi cries. Adit says go adn tell everyone. Go from here. She leaves. Somiya is shocked.

Papa and Mangal ask Kusum to open the door. Papa says I’ve never seen her so angry. Mangal says amma please listen to me. Open the door. Lakshmi walks on the road in shock. She recalls everything. She connects all the dots. Lakshmi cries. She says this will shatter Mangal, but I can’t keep her in the dark either. I can’t ruin her life. Papa is worried for Kusum. Mangal gives him water. Papa says to talk to Gayatri. Mangal says we have to do something. Papa says she is mad at Adit, that’s what has hurt her so much. Papa says she’s heartbroken. Mangal says I beg you please open the door. Please forgive me.

Somiya says why did you get so angry? you shouldn’t have told Lakshmi everything. We hid everything for so long. You should have thought for so long. He says you should be happy. You were taunting that you’re a secret and nothing, so I told her. She says why are you mad at me? She says you asked me to not tell anyone. I was mad about what happened at the holi. But Lakshmi will tell everyone. I am worried about you. How will you handle this? Adit says she irritated me so much. She’s after my life. She keeps questioning. I got angry and told her. Somiya asks how will you handle it now?

Scene 2
Papa says Kusum please open the door. your anger is valid but let us talk to you. Mangal tries to break the door. Lakshmi comes there. She asks what happened. Mangal says Amma is inside. They go in and see Kusum lying on the bed. Mangal scremas amma open your eyes. They pick her up. Papa says you scared us. Mangal hugs her and says why did you do it? papa and I were so scared. You can punish me but don’t do this. Mangal says please talk to me. You always considered me your daughter. I always considered you my mother. you can talk to me. If you want to punish me, you can. Kusum says you’re saying such big things now. But you didn’t consider me your mother when you got to know about the chain? Why didn’t you tell me? why should I trust you? Lakshmi is confused. Kusum says I always stood by you and protected you. Adn you did this.

Lakshmi asks what happened. Kusum says ask your sister. I never stopped Mangl from doing anything. But today she bought an expensive gold chain with Adit and didn’t even tell me. Lakshmi recalls her question with Adit. Lakshmi asks Didi if is she talking about the chain Jeju got. Kusum says wow, your sister knows as well that Adit got you such an expensive chain. I didn’t know only. You made me feel today that a DIL is a DIL, not a daughter. Mangl says don’t say that. Lakshmi says Adit didn’t get that chain for Mangal. We did see the chain in his bag but he never gave it to Didi. kusum says then where is it? and who did he give it to? So Adit bought it and kept it himself? Lakshmi says he.. Kusum says tell me. Lakshmi says I don’t have an answer but Adit should give that answer himself. Kusum says don’t play riddles. Tell me the truth.

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Somiya says what will you tell everyone Adit. It’s all so complicated. I am worried for you. He says I know. I couldn’t control my anger. Somiya says it’s okay. Kusum calls Adit. Adit is worried. Kusum asks him to come home right now. He asks why. I have a meeting. She says just come. Adit says I have to go. Somiya asks what ahpepend? She says she’s asked me to come home right now. Lakshmi told them everything. I don’t know how will i handle everything. Somiya says I am really worried.

Scene 3
Gayatri and Karthik come home. Jiya is there. Jiya says Aunty please listen to me. Gayatri says what are you doing here? karthik says why are you here? She says why are you not picking up my calls? He says please go from here right now we will talk later. She says Aunty, please. Gayatri says stay away. Jiya says I am very sorry. I made a huge mistake. I didn’t know bhaang would affect Karthik so much. Everything drinks it, it’s normal. I felt so bad. This won’t happen again. Gayatri says don’t create a drama here. People were watching. Go now. Jiya says no Aunty I won’t go until you forgive me. Gayatri says what is all this Karthik? Ask her to go. Jiya says I thought it’s all holi it happens, Gayatri says it doesn’t work with me. I don’t like anyone making such disgusting jokes with my son. what did you think? All our relatives and friends were there. You made a joke out of him. People make his videos viral. He has to take precautions all the time. Are you a friend or an enemy? There’s a limit to jokes and you’re not too young to not understand. Jiya says I am sorry. I know it was your family party. I have always stayed away from my family in the hostel so I don’t know how to be with my family on holi. And how careful you have to be. With friends, it’s all call and you can joke around. I didn’t do it intentionally. I can’t let Karthik’s image be ruined, I would never do that. I didn’t do anything intentionally. Right Karthik? You know me well. Gayatri says Karthik my head is hurting. Let’s go home. She sits in the car. Jiya says Karthik please talk to Aunty. Karthik says Jiya please go home for now. I will call you. She leaves.

Scene 4
Adit comes home. He asks Kusum what happened. Are you okay? You called me from the office. Papa says we want to know why you did that? your mom is so hurt. Now tell us the complete thing. Kusum says tell me the whole thing. That chain you. Adit says I got it for Somiya. Everyone is shocked. Adit says now ask why? Adit says I have an affair with her. Everyone is shocked.

Precap: Mangal says what did you say? Adit says didn’t you hear? Mangal says what kind of joke is that? Adit says you think it’s a joke? That’s the truth. Mangal is heartbroken. Kusum says this can’t happen. I brought you up. I gave you my manners. Tell us you’ve nothing to do with that girl. Mangal cries. Kusum says, Mangal call Somiya. She wants to talk to her. Adit asks why do you wanna talk to her?

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