Rabb Se Hai Dua 3rd April 2024 Written Episode Update: Dua gets worried about Ibadat’s safety

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Scene 1

Farhan is dancing with Mannat and hints at his men to go and look for Ibadat.

Dua, Ravi and Subhan leave the house to look for Ibadat and Mannat. Gulnaz and Nigar hear that, Gulnaz says now everyone will find out. She calls Armaan and tells him to fight for Mannat so she will marry him. He says sure and ends the call.

Armaan is going to enter Farhan’s house but finds some goons going around. He hides and says I can’t fight them alone, he calls Gulnaz and says Farhan has his goons around so how can I fight them? I am scared.. I mean what should I do? Gulnaz says stop shivering and don’t fight with the goons, just hide and let whatever is happening. Nigar says Ibadat and Mannat are alone there so he should save them. Gulnaz says Dua went there so she will save Mannat, I just hope Ibadat is finished in all this as she is our enemy. She tells Armaan to not interfere in anything there.

Ibadat is looking around for Mannat and finds her dancing with Farhaan through the window of his room. She screams for her but she can’t hear her.

Dua is in the car and cries, she says I can’t let anything happen with my daughters, I promised Haider to protect them always.

Ibadat is trying to go to Farhan’s room but his goons catch her and tie her to the tree. A goon takes out a knife and says a news will break out that a body was found in small pieces. He stabs her and Dua screams for Dua. Otherside Dua feels like Ibadat called out to her and says I feel Ibadat is in trouble, please take me there, my daughter is in danger. Ravi thinks for the first time Dua has called Ibadat as her daughter, maybe she really is in trouble.

Ibadat sees the goon hasn’t stabbed her. He laughs at her and says we aren’t going to kill you so soon. The goons tie Ibadat up and shut off her mouth.

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Farhan forcefully makes Mannat drink the spiked juice. She says I love you but I have to go back home now, please drop me back. She hears a commotion and asks Farhan, he says its nothing. Mannat says drop me back home now please. He makes her sit down and says sure, I will take you back in a bit. He thinks once Mannat is drugged then I will show my real face.

Scene 2

Dua, Ravi and Subhan arrive at Farhan’s house. Armaan sees that and says I have to show myself as a hero in front of them. He grabs a goon and tries to beat him up but the goon beats him badly and runs away. Dua finds him and says what are you doing here? Armaan says I saw Mannat leaving the house and got worried so I followed her.

Farhan gets a call and leaves Mannat. The goon tells him that their mother is here so they have to do everything fast. Ibadat hears that and thinks thank God Dua is here. Farhan tells Ibadat that her family will bear the punishment for her slap, and her sister is going to pay for it. He tells his goons to do anything they want with Ibadat, she is a gift to them.

Dua asks Armaan where is Mannat? He says I don’t know, I followed her but lost her. Ravi says we should stay outside the house. Dua says not at all, my daughters are inside so I have to go in. The goons come there and surround them. Dua says I will call the police, the goon takes away her phone and says she smells nice. Subhan gets angry and starts beating them up. Dua is impressed seeing that, Armaan thinks to impress her too. Subhan tells Dua to run inside. She goes from there.

The goons start making Ibadat’s video as they charge at her. Otherside Mannat gets drugged so Farhan throws her on the bed, Mannat tries to get up but he tells her to lie down and relax.

The episode ends.