Doree 3rd April 2024 Written Episode Update: Rukmani’s suspicion against Ganga Prasad grows

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Doree sees her fake parents entering the temple. (Maya pays Doree’s parents to pressurize Nani as Doree is still alive).

Doree’s fake parents pressuize Nani to inform about Doree and they have police keeping an eye on her. Doree’s fake parents see Bhola hiding and bring him out. No one recognises Doree. Nani asks him what are you doing here? Bhola days I came to see you, I was missing my Nani and you are missing your grand daughter and so I came to share some love. Doree’s fake parents leave. Doree puts her hand in colours and Nani says come I will help you clean. Doree says I am hungry. Nani says come I will feed you and takes him along.

Rukmani instructs Chakram to bring Bhola to her, while Vansh considers Bhola a hero and suggests he would have left the party. Rukmani is surprised to find Mansi intoxicated, and Komal reveals she drank bhang. Rukmani scolds Mansi and denies consuming bhang herself. Neelu interrupts Rukmani’s thoughts, reminding her of stopping her from revealing the truth to Agni and recounts the events.

Bhola collides with Ganga Prasad, leaving handprints on his kurta.Rukmani senses something amiss since morning and discovers a fire in her wardrobe, along with Ganga Prasad’s clothes. She finds an audio clip with Ganga’s voice recording, shocking her.

Ganga Prasad encounters Bhola and discusses his intentions for visiting the Basti. Nani questions Ganga’s motives, reminding him of his strained relationship with Doree and his abandonment of the Basti people. Ganga expresses his desire to mend relations and allow them to stitch clothes for his textile again, prompting skepticism from Prem.As Rukmani shouts for help, Komal questions why she burned her saree instead of donating it. Rukmani insists her sarees are her identity and refuses to comply.

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Neelu suspects Rukmani is still under the influence of bhang and suggests she take a break from her business. Rukmani becomes angry and dismisses Neelu’s suggestion. Meanwhile, Doree intervenes with Ganga Prasad, advising him to win hearts with love. Bhola prevents him from falling and recognizes the locket in Doree’s hand, recalling her saving him during an earthquake. They share a heartfelt moment, leading Doree to believe she has found her baba.Rukmani searches for Ganga Prasad in his room and finds his kurta, suspecting he is playing a game and intending to take everything from her. She resolves not to leave him and remains determined to uncover the truth about his identity.

Precap: Ganga Prasad agrees to Bhola. Nani asks Bhola who is he waiting for. Ganga Prasad walks to Bhola and says I kept my promise and look who has accompanied me. Bhola sees Rukmani and thinks how will I talk to Bhooa now.