Mangal Lakshmi 2nd April 2024 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Kusum shows Mangal greh parvesh photos. She asks what are you hiding? Mangal says this is a small gift for you. I got you a blanket. Kusum likes it. Mangal sets up her clothes.

Scene 2
Karthik eats dinner with his family. Sanjana says Karthik’s holi had more colors than ever. Gayatri says you are more interested in taunts than his health. Sanjana says we all saw what happened. Karthik says I am sorry mom. I am not that kind of guy. Gayatri says I know you. That’s why I protect you from bad people. Jiya calls Karthik. Sanjana Syas your close friend Jiya is calling you. Karthik cuts the call. Gayatri says eat something. You’ve not eaten since morning. Karthik says I don’t feel like eating. He goes to his room.

Scene 3
Someone clicks Lakshmi’s photo on the road. Kusum sees an envelope. She sees a receipt for an expensive jewelry set bought yesterday. She says who bought such an expensive necklace? Adit and Mangal bought such an expensive necklace nad didn’t even tell me. She called Adit and said she couldn’t go to vashanav devi this month because the budget was tight. Kusum comes to Mangal and says get up. Mangal asks what happened. Kusum says you bought this expensive necklace and didn’t even tell me? Where is this chain?

Scene 3
Adit says I should throw this chain. Somiya says don’t do the drama. He says you blocked me. You’re not picking up my call. She says there are people in the office. He says I only care about you. She says you don’t care. You don’t even let me near you in public. Your wife colored you yesterday, not me. Who am I to you? Do you ever think how I feel? You introduce me as colleague to everyone. I am a secret of your life only. He says I only love you. She says your love is shared. Our relationship has no title outside the room. You gave me crumbs of your love only. Lakshmi comes to Adit’s office.

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Adit says ooure relationship is based on love. mangal is just named my wife, you’re my wife. Mangal will never get my love and importance in my life. If you don’t trust me. Throw this necklace. She says make me wear it. Adit hugs Somiya. He makes her wear the necklace. Somiya says it’s beautiful. He comes close to her. Mohan comes in. He says a madam is here to meet you. Adit looks outside. He says what is Lakshmi doing here? She irritates me too much.

Kusumm gets angry. She says I gve you my mother’s bangles. Mangal says I know. I remember everything.

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