Parineeti 2nd April 2024 Written Episode Update: Pari’s witness goes against Sanju

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Scene 1

In the courtroom, Jhanki comes there and goes to the witness box. Balli says she works at Madhu’s house and knows what happened in the party. The judge asks her to tell them what she saw in the party. Jhanki tries to talk but suddenly faints. Sinha says she is wasting our time. Pari tries to wake her up but she isn’t. The judge gives them 15 minutes to wake her up.

Pari and others bring Jhanki out of the courtroom, Pami says she has to wake up as she is our only hope.

Madhu goes to Sanju, he begs her to take the case back and says I have lost a lot. You know I didn’t do anything with you then why are you trying to destroy my life? please don’t do this. Madhu says I didn’t lie, you should be punished. She whispers that he didn’t touch her but still she dragged him to the court, that’s the power of a woman. Did you like my acting? Sanju says at least think about your husband, he loves you so much but you are fooling him too.

Pari is tending to Jhanki and she wakes up. She says I need to give my statement.

Vishal comes to Madhu and asks what was Sanju telling her? Madhu says he was asking me to leave you and he would marry me. Vishal punches him so Sanju fights back. The judge comes there and tells them to stop it.

Jhanki comes to the witness box and tells the judge that Madhu’s allegations all are correct. The judge says aren’t you Sanju’s witness? Jhanki says I want to tell the truth and the truth is what Madhu told the court. All are shocked hearing that. Pami tells Pari that everything is finished now. Pari asks Jhanki to tell the truth. Jhanki says Madhu is a pious woman, Sanju tried molesting her. Pari says I am sure they have bribed you. Sinha tells her to stop pressurizing her to lie.

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The judge is about to give her verdict but the court time ends so she says we will give our verdict tomorrow. Sanju is leaving and consoles Pari. The inspector takes him away. Neeti thinks this Pari is evil, she took away everything from me but still Bajwa family trusts her.

Bebe tells the family that our lawyer was a fool and that witness shouldn’t have been trusted. This is a payback. You all saw how one friend’s husband got married to another friend. Neeti thinks Shelly shouldn’t find the truth. She takes him away. Pami cries and says Sanju shouldn’t have gone to that party. What will I tell Gurvindar when she wakes up? Amit says we will find a solution, don’t worry.

Sanju is going to the police station. Pari runs to him and says sorry, I couldn’t do anything. Sanju says you tried your best, my life is going to change tomorrow but you have to be strong, you have to take care of my family when I am jailed. Everyone will depend on you, maybe this was my fate. Pari says I can’t live without you, please don’t go. Sanju says this is all fate, time will pass and I will come out soon.

Neeti tells Shelly that he couldn’t do anything for Sanju. I can’t see Pari like this. Shelly says I tried my best but no lawyer would take up the case like this. Neeti says Sanju can never do anything like that, I know him. Shelly hugs her and consoles her. Neeti sees Pari hugging Sanju and angrily leaves. Shelly sees them and prays for their togetherness. Sanju hugs Pari and is taken away from her.

The episode ends.