Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 2nd April 2024 Written Episode Update: HemRaj scolds Naren for not answering his call

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Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 2nd April 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Nandini is working in the kitchen when she gets shocked seeing Naren standing in the window and gets tensed, Naren says he has looked at her after so long, he says she was waiting for him when Nandini replies she knew he will come, he says he did not have any idea that she will get so tensed but Nandini says how can she be worried, Naren tells Nandini they are about to become one forever, Nandini turns back to see but then Naren acts as if he has hurt his hand when Nandini mentions he is acting but she hurts her hand too, he asks if she is fine and is it not burning.Nandini says the expensive saree and jewelry, Naren says that she is still looking at the price and he found out that she refused to purchase the saree but even his mother is very innocent and she desired to purchase very good jewelry for her daughter in law, he says that someone told him that his other is also her mother. Nandini asks Naren how spicy does his mother eat, he says she eats very less spicy but he eats a lot of spice, Nandini asks him to have the red chilli but she pulls it back, Naren leaves.

Jalpa walking out praises Nandini for her cooking and she tells Chanchal that she might be also asked to leave the kitchen just like she does not let Mami make anything, Kinjil asks Nandini if she can even make pasta, Mitesh says she makes the best pasta, Kinjil asks Nandini to come with them saying her brother Kunal would become her fan, Manri says she really liked the design of Jalpa, she says her parents gifted this saree an it is worth fifty six, Manri does not understand when Jalpa says it is worth fifty six thousand so mentions it happens but she was about to become the daughter in law of Ratansi family, Parvati enters calling Nandini, Jalpa immediately goes to stand beside Heta, Manri introduces the family of Naren, Mitesh asks if Parvati aunti went to purchase the saree with Jalpa, when Parvati asks from where did she purchase it, Jalpa says she bought it from Rajkot and there would certainly be a price difference, Parvati says that she bought it for just eight thousand, Manri asks what is the reason that she came for, Parvati says that her elder daughter in law gave birth to a boy, so she distributes the sweets when Chanchal even gives the praise, Nandini asks what about the younger daughter in law, Parvati says that she just gave birth to the daughter, Nandini starts arguing with her asking if the parents of Rani Ki Jhansi even felt the same, or Indra Gandhi when Chanchal asks Nandini to let it be as it is their personal matter, Jalpa tells Chanchal that Nandini is the president of MMM, they donot understand it so Nandini informs she is just trying to convince Parvati explaining the daughters belong to both the houses, Parvati says that it only of talking and when the girls leave the house then in reality cause a burden, Parvati says that even her uncle has arranged her marriage is a very wealthy family and when they ask for something then Ishwar would be ruined, Parvati apologizes to Chanchal saying she is just getting Nandini aware of the truth, Nandini asks how can she not say anything when her in laws are not like this and have not demanded any sort of dowry, Jalpa thinks that HemRaj did not ask for anything from them, Parvati leaves after realizing she has to distribute the sweets to others as well.

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Chanchal gets a call from HemRaj who asks if Naren si also with them when she hand him the phone and then he goes back inside with a smile on his face, Kinjil tells Nandini that when Naren Bhai is smiling a lot then he is being scolded, HemRaj asks Naren why was he not answering the call, Naren apologizes saying it was on silent so he says he will come back very soon, HemRaj angrily ends the call. Jalpa takes the sweets from Nandini asking if she made it, Chanchal says that she is just a child. Naren leaves with his family while Mitesh goes back upstairs.

Ishwar is worried so Mehul says he knows the reason he is worried, Ishwar says they did not tell anyone about the dowry that HemRaj did not take anything from them when in fact he has taken the land which belonged to the ancestors, Mehul says they have to bear it, Ishwar mentions he told this lie for Nandini but if she finds out that the well and farm which she holds so dear will now belong to HemRaj.

Roupa asks why did he not go to office, the girl asks if Roupa is actually so innocent that she diddnot realize where is her husband, Roupa asks her to send him to office otherwise he might e treated badly.

Naren turns towards the farm when Roupa asks if he lost his way, he says he has to show something nice and informs that this is the place where Nandini sits and reads an entire book, Kinjil tries to climb the ladder but is not able to and so Naren says it is for those who are intellectual, Chanchal is worried when Heta asks the reason, Chanchal says that Naren has started liking everything which Nandini likes, Heta says it is for the good because a husband should know everything about his fiance, Chanchal asks Kinjil to run at home when he says how can they run back home when Baa stops them and even HemRaj, Chanchal scolds her so she stops. Jalpa says that they should call the driver because Naren wants to stay here however Naren says he wants to ask how did they like Nandini, Jalpa, Heta and even Kinjil like Nandini a lot but Chanchal says that she did not like how Nandini interfered in the matters of Parvati jee, Naren says this is what he liked about Nandini as she does not stop when she sees anything wrong happening, Naren pulls Chanchal mentioning he has to show them one final place, Heta asks Jalpa to sit in the car if she likes but she refuses, Kinjil on reaching the well asks what is so important about it, Naren informs this is the well in which the mother of Nandini gave her life, Jalpa gets scared along with them all.