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Scene 1
Somiya says how can it be wrong. Kusum says let it be. You only wasted time here. You do know how to teach kids. Thank God Mangal caught you. I knew you teaching Ishana was a wrong decision. We have to go for pooja now. Go from here. She says Ishana go and get ready. Ishana says I’ve to study. I have a test tomorrow. Kusum says we’ve to go for pooja. SOmiya says I will correct my mistake. I will prepare her for her test and drop her to Sanjana’s house. Adit says everything is dependent on you. Before careful. He says Somiya will bring Ishana. Mangal says but.. Adit says don’t waste time.

Scene 2
Mangal says the decor is so pretty. Omesh says Lakshmi did it all. Lakshmi meets everyone. A woman says she’s your sister-in-law here Lakshmi. Touch her feet. Karthik and Lakshmi touch their feet together. Sanjana says where is Gayatri? Kusum says I will see where she is? Magnal says to Lakshmi let’s go prepare the food. She takes Lakshmi to the kitchen. Lakshmi stops. Gayatri comes there. SHe’s about to slip. Mangal holds her. Mangal says why are you in this condition? She says the cook had to take an emergency leave. We have a pooja and event. I had to do it. Kusum asks Lakshmi why are you not helping her? Why is she cooking alone? Why didn’t you help her? Gayatri says let it be, it’s fine. Karthik says maa.. are you okay? Kusum says Lakshmi will make Gayatri cook now and do all this work? Lakshmi cries. Kusum says Mangal didn’t you teach her anything? She’s making her MIL cook. Why didn’t you help Lakshmi? Mangal asks why did you even let her work? Shanti says she was always this useless. Karthik says Lakshmi isn’t useless. She did all the decor all night. Could you do it? Lipika says why didn’t she help auntie in the kitchen? Sanjana says you thought she’s like Mangal but look at your condition. This si how poor girls are. They go out of limit after marrying in rich families. Kusum says stop it Sanjana. Kusum says Gayatri go and change. Mangal says tell me if there’s anything to do. Gayatri says all is done.

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Shanti says to Lakshmi this Mangal will get you ashamed in the house. Lipika says I think Gayatri doesn’t like her at all. Lakshmi goes out.

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