Parineeti 15th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Ambika takes Pari home


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Scene 1
Pami comes in front of Ambika’s car. She sees her with a girl. Ambika says that’s my daughter. Pami can’t see her face. Pami says I thought it was my daughter. Ambika leaves from there. Pami cries worrying about Pari. Neeti cries and says Sanju please open your eyes. His head bleeds. Gurinder says please forgive me, God. I made a huge sin today. Bebe calls Gurinder. Gurinder tells her Sanju jumped into the lake and got badly injured. She cries. She says we’re going to the hospital. She says Pari died but my son is in this condition. Neeti cries. Salojna is happy that Pari is dead.

Scene 2
Pari wakes up in the hospital. She sees flashbacks. She screams Rajiv. Pari cries and says Rajiv, please save me. Sanju wakes up in the hospital. He cries for Pari. He says you can’t leave me, Pari. Pari cries and says please save me, Rajiv. These people will kill me. Please save me. Pari hugs and cries. Ambika holds her and tries to console her. Gurinder hugs Sanju. Sanju cries and says please bring Pari back. Gurinder says I am with you. Neeti says Pari is dead. She’s not in this world. She left us all alone. Sanju says no my Pari is alive. She can’t be dead. He asks Pami did you find Pari? Tao ji says we will find her. He says I need to go and look for Pari. He runs out. She cries and says please stop him. Tao ji says we have to be patient with him.

At night, Ambika sits with Pari. Pari cries. She says I won’t eat until Pari eats. She asks Pari what happened to you? how did you fall into the river? Pari recalls everything. She gets scared. Ambika says don’t be scared. Pari says don’t kill me, please. Please let me go. SHe sees flashbacks. pari cries. Ambika says you’re home. Hold my hand, I am like your mom. I won’t let anything happen to you. Pari hugs her and cries. Ambika says don’t cry. No one would be able to do anything to you. part faints.

Sanju runs on the road and says Pari please come back. Please forgive me. monty says she’s no more. Sanju shoves him and says shut up. Don’t say such things. GEt lost. He leaves from there. Sanju runs on the roads. Neeti comes there. Monty says please do something. Please save Sanju. Sanju cries and says Pari where are you? CAn’t you hear me crying for you? Where are you, Pari? Neeti comes there and hugs him. Sanju says please call Pari. She’d come. Neeti says Sanju please control yourself. She hugs him. Sanju cries.

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Scene 3
Pari recalls everything. She recalls all the promises Sanju made to her. Pari cries. Ambika says please open the door. Tell me what happened. She comes in and turns off the shower. She dries her up. Ambika says please get some rest.

Sanju wakes up. He cries imagingin Pari isn’t there. Neeti brings him breakfast. Ambika makes Pari eat breakfast. Pari asks who are you? Why are you taking care of me like a mother? She says you can consider me your mom. Sanju says I promised Pari I will always be with her. I will always protect her. I wasn’t there when she needed me the most. I couldn’t do anything for her. Ambika makes Pari eat. She says God sent you as my daughter. Listen to your maa. Pari cries. Ambika says I don’t know what happened with you. Sanju says she must have been in so much pain, she must have called for my name. I wasn’t there for her. Ambika asks Pari her name.

Gurinder cries and says we shouldn’t have done this to Pari. My son loves her so much. He’s going crazy. How do I give him peace? Neeti says to have water. I will fix everything. I am with him. It will take time but he will be okay. Sanju hugs Pari’s clothes. Pari recalls everything. Sanju says you promised me you will always be with me. He sits and cries. Pari says I couldn’t be a good friend, wife, or daughter. I have no right to be alive. Sanju says everything is incomplete without you. He cries. Pari says everyone wants me to die even Rajiv. Whi should I live for? Sanju says I don’t wanna live without you. I am coming to you. He picks a knife and says I don’t wanna live without my Pari. Pari says I should end my life.

Episode ends

Update Creditto: Atiba