Bhagya Lakshmi 15th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Rishi makes Gajra for Lakshmi

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Bhagya Lakshmi 15th June 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Malishka telling Kiran that Rishi’s worry for Lakshmi and Paro is increasing. Kiran asks her to grab him until he is in Neelam’s grasp, else she will repent. Lakshmi tells Rishi that she has to protect her daughter and don’t want anyone. Rishi asks her what is her problem, and says don’t cry. He says my heart feels pain hearing your words. Lakshmi says you have hurt me. Rishi says I could have accused you that you acted to search Paro, when you know where is she? Lakshmi says you have accused me already. She says I would have told you what happened, but now I will not tell. Malishka gets upset with Kiran and goes. Kiran thinks she was never in her hands (control).

Ananya tells Paro that her father has to make Gajra. Rishi comes there and sits. Aatya asks him to make Gajra for Lakshmi. She says even Ishita’s Shiv is making it. She says whoever wins, then that person loves his wife very much. Rishi says he will make. Lakshmi says he doesn’t know how to hold the needle and says if he gets hurt. Ananya says you are worried for him. Aatya says he has to make Gajra for her. Rishi says they have to do it anyhow. He sits to make the gajra and Lakshmi helps him. Ananya records everything in her phone. Rishi and Lakshmi wins. Ananya asks what he would like to say. Rishi says they have so much love and it is pure. Ananya asks Ishita and Shiv to say. Shiv apologizes to her. Rishi tells that Shiv will make Gajra later when he gets chance again, as in arranged marriage love happens and increases. Aatya asks if yours was arranged marriage. Rishi and Lakshmi say yes. They ask Rishi to make her wear gajra as per the ritual.

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Rishi makes Lakshmi wear the gajra while the song plays. Aatya asks everyone to get ready for mehendi. Malishka comes back to Kiran. Kiran asks if Rishi had called. Malishka says he was in the meeting, if he will call me or attend the meeting. Kiran says you are lying to me, and asks her to stop him from reaching Lakshmi. She says truth is infront of you, and says nothing is fine. Rishi sees Malishka’s call and thinks he don’t want to talk to anyone now. He thinks where is Lakshmi,.Lakshmi, Paro and others dance for the mehendi function. Ishita’s Aai takes Rishi to dance with Lakshmi. They dance. After their dance, Ishita’s mother take off bad sight from them, and says you both shall be together always. Paro tells Rishi that he dances well. Rishi laughs.

Ayush comes to Rano’s house, and thinks Shalu don’t want to talk to him. He thinks to ask her about Paro. He rings the bell. Shalu comes out and says she will not tell him about Paro. He asks how are you? Rano hears him and asks Ayush if he is still behind her. Ayush looks on. Rishi feeds food to Paro. Lakshmi smiles seeing them.

Episode ends.