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Scene 1
Salman welcomes everyone to the weekend ka vaar. Salman says by now you know the grocery, brain, and manners are missing from the house but no less blasts. We will have a Diwali special with tiger and Zoya. Let’s see what has happened so far.

Mannara tells Khanzadi to hurry up with ironing. She says I’ve bee waiting for a long time. What’s this behavior. Khanzadi says I came first. Mannara says people are waiting, don’t you have manners? Navid says so many people are waiting. Mannara says you’re so dominating. Khanzadi says I am dominating. Your dress is heavy. Mannara says you’ve to wait for your turn. Go and do your makeup while I do it. Khanzadi says I will do it first. Mannara says you have this habit. Khanzadi says I don’t, I didn’t know you were waiting. Mannara says yeah sure you didn’t know. Mannara says we all know how you are. Khanzadi says shu up.

Khanzadi says to Jigna that she’s so rude. I didn’t know she was waiting. Mannara says shut up. Khanzadi says shut your mouth. Mannara says she doesn’t respect the queue. Khanzadi says I didn’t know. Mannara says you’re abusing. Khanzadi says yeah I sid it, do whatever you want. Samarth says it was Mannara after me. She left so Khanzadi didn’t see. Khanzadi shouts and says she is also misbehaving with me. Samarth and Abhishek asked her not to do it today. She says she was abusing me as well. She shouts. Abhishek calms her down. Khanzadi says she threw my clothes. Mannara says I didn’t. She started abusing. Khanzadi shouts shut the f up. Everyone asks her not to abuse.

Salman says now time to go in and roar like a tiger. He meets everyone. Everyone wishes him a happy Diwali. Salman says half of the house is nominated. Isha is confident someone would come. She says samarth why did you say boyfriend? What did you say? We’re just friends. Why did you say it. Isha laughs. Salman says how could I say it in front of Chintu. He asks Isha, Abhishek, and Samarth what’s the status toady. Samarth says it’s clear. Salman says Abhishek and Samarth have romance? Abhishek says when it’s about to sort, he comes with Isha’s point. Salman says you have experience, share it with your bro. He can tell you the next move. He says wow, Samarth and Munawar have such cute chemistry. They bond over waxing. Salman says Isha next one is coming as well. Don’t worry. She says no sir. there’s no one else. Salman says we’re doing the negotiations. Everyone laughs. Isha says don’t say that. Salman says they’re joking, what are you saying Salman sir. Don’t listen chintu. Salman says Isha all the best.

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Salman says Aishwarya you imitate someone, would you do it us? She imitates Ankita saying I’ve such a good heart. I make real bonds. I don’t why people don’t understand. Salman asks Ankita would you do reverse imitation? She says no sir. Salman says you also do it. She shouts and says that’s it. Salman says let me recap this week. Hey you get lost. You get lost. Get out. You go. You go. Don’t spit. I will show you who I am outside. I can blast. Get lost. Salman says this was eloquent and wise fights. He says Aishwarya if you’re here, that’s because two people are tolerating your tantrums. If these two people get done, they will also ask you to get lost. Who are these two people? She says Bigg Boss. Salman says correct. She says you sir. Salman says wrong. There are two couples here. They were doing well outside but BB has given them many challenges. Discussion, fights they are all normal. What’s not right is disrespect. It esclates and never stops. It doesn’t stop if it starts once. The person keeps giving you chances but one day they tired. Direspect can be done to men as well. The same disrespect we saw happening with Ankita, you’re doing the same disrespect to Neil. What happens with Neil and Ankita is not okay.

Salman asks Neil don’t you think it’s disrespect? Neil says in anger.. Salman says disrespecting in anger isn’t allowed. He says yes. Salman says in front of the whole world? We will get blamed for this. Salman says let me explain what you wanted to say. The person who has nothing to say and wants to extend tantrum does these things. You push the person who listens. The day you get someone who shouts back and asks you to shut up you will know your place. If you want to push him to that extent that’s so wrong. He’s such a nice man who even in utmost anger calls your babu and bacha. Never disrespects you. Don’t push him that much. How much patience will you test?

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