Dabangii 26th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Arya makes her place in Satya’s house

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The Episode starts with Satya thinking how to get funds for the elections if Yug goes. Yug asks Arya go leave. Arya thinks sorry, but I have to do this. She asks him not to insult their love. Yug asks her to get out. He pushes her. She says I won’t go anywhere. Satya says don’t worry, we trust you. He asks Arya to leave, enough of the drama, don’t come and show your face again, forget you met Yug ever. Arya says I won’t go anywhere. He says fine, then you will die. He holds her neck and chokes her. Everyone is shocked.

Jaanrao says I don’t find anything right, Satya might get angry, we both know that he is old Satya, Arya is alone, he can do anything with her. Kasturi says leave her, she will die. Yug says it will be a big controversy, elections are ahead, leave her. Jaanrao says Arya’s life is in danger. Ankush says yes, Satya can kill Arya, but if she is the same Arya who I know then she will handle it, else she wasn’t ready to take revenge. Jaanrao says I also believed you are my hero, you never compromised your ethics and loved the family, where is the old Ankush, you have suffered a lot, I know, but Arya is in danger, she needs her dad, her hero. Ankush says no one is a hero for always. He argues. He says if I have to kill Satya, then I have to become tough, iron cuts off iron. Satya pushes Yug. Kasturi says leave the girl, she will die. Arya recalls Satya.

She gets angry and pushes Satya. She says I knew this would happen with me, I also know some tricks. The media comes and asks Satya about Yug’s marriage. Kasturi hides Zai. Satya thinks you have done foolishness to mess up with me, I can’t let the image get ruined. He asks Yug to keep the marriage. Yug says we can’t lose, I m not married to her. Arya smiles. Inspector comes. Arya shows the wedding pics. Inspector asks do you have any objection. Satya says no.

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The reporter asks Satya will he accept this relation and do injustice with Zai. Satya gives a good statement and acts emotional. He says Yug calls me dad, then Arya is my bahu, I will host a big function to welcome her. Zai asks what is he saying. Kasturi says we will handle it later. She goes to do Arya’s grah pravesh. Satya asks Yug to do it, they will see later. Arya and Yug’s grahpravesh happens. Satya welcomes them. Yug thinks you have made a big mistake, you don’t know Satya. Arya says I can do anything for money and power. Satya invites everyone in the party and function. Police and media leave. Servants shut the door. Satya and Kasturi get angry. Satya says media was here, so you got saved, but you can’t stay here for a day, its my promise.

Arya threatens of Yug of the police. She says you find the proof, I m here till then. Satya says we knew it, Yug doesn’t love Zai, this is an alliance for him, he loves Arya or not, I don’t care, he is just ATM for us, I don’t doubt him but that girl, Yug will also question. Satya meets Yug. Yug says I love Zai and want to marry her. Satya says I don’t believe that girl, police and media were there, so I had to do that. Ankush and Jaanrao see the breaking news. Ankush says Arya will always keep my respect, she is my Dabangi, Arya. Kasturi consoles Zai. Zai thinks Arya is doing this because I tried to kill her, I got trapped. Yug says we can throw her out, there is no media now. Satya says I will handle her, go and take rest, I guarantee you, she won’t be seen here tomorrow.

Yug gets close to Arya and says you will be mine today. Arya pushes him and scolds him. He is shocked.