Shiv Shakti (Zee) 2nd April 2024 Written Episode Update: Shakti begs Rimjhim to help her

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Shiv Shakti (Zee) 2nd April 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1

Shakti hugs Shiv and consoles him, she says if anything happens to you then I will die.

Koyal is looking around for Rimjhim but Dharam stops her and says you look pretty. Koyal says there is so much going on and you want to flirt? Dharam says I can’t help it when you are so pretty. Mandira calls Koyal and asks about Shiv. Koyal says we couldn’t find Shiv here. Mandira ends the call and says Rimjhim isn’t even picking up my call and where did Shiv go? Padma asks what will she do now? Mandira calls Keertan and tells him to contact the fake police so he can come back home. Padma says the family will doubt her if she brings Keertan back home. Mandira says I already know how to play this.

Manorama grabs Rimjhim and ties her up to the chair, she says I know you will tell Mandira about Shiv so we have to keep you here. Shakti goes to get something so Shiv walks away from the room. Shakti turns around and finds Shiv gone. Manorama and Shakti run to him and take him away before Koyal could see him. Manorama tells Koyal to leave their house. Koyal says I will leave with Rimjhim, Manorama says she already left. Koyal calls her but she is not picking up. Shakti is hiding in the room with Shiv. She slips and they both fall on the bed. Shakti caresses his face. Rimjhim thinks there is so much going on and they still want to romance.

Dharam tells Koyal that he really likes her. She smiles at him. Chacha comes there and sees that so Koyal runs away. Chacha tells Dharam to not trust this girl, she is Mandira’s daughter so be careful. He leaves from there.

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Scene 2

Mandira calls everyone to the lounge, the inspector brings Keertan home. Mandira tells the family that the fake transplant that Keertan was blamed for had Shiv’s signature on it. All are shocked. The inspector says it means Shiv was doing illegal operations. Keertan says I didn’t speak up because I didn’t want Shiv to get trapped. Ragunath says its a lie, Shiv can never do anything like that. Kamal says enough, maybe Shiv had been doing all this, he might be a criminal and we never saw it before. Mandira says Shiv can never do anything like that. Kamal says you always protect Shiv, you don’t love Keertan enough but he took the blame for him. I think Gayatri found about his illegal activities so he killed her. Keertan says what? He can never do anything like that, how can he kill his mother? Mandira thinks Shiv is going to die now.

Shakti tells Manorama to leave Rimjhim alone, Manorama says she will expose us all, she is a betrayer to us. Shakti says I can’t see her all tied up. She frees Rimjhim and says how can you believe that Shiv killed his mother? dont’ forget he saved you from Ranjan, he took you as his sister so why did you change suddenly? do you really think Shiv can kill someone? that too, his own mother? Rimjhim says what do you want from me? Shakti says my sister, my protector, I just want her back. Rimjhim looks on.

The episode ends.