Suhaagan 2nd April 2024 Written Episode Update: Samay comforts Shanti’s anger

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The Episode starts with Shanti asking Samay to tell the truth and tells that he is making her fool. Samay says he can’t do this. She says she heard whatever they all said and use her son. Baldev says it is not like this. Shanti says Samay regards you more than his father, but you don’t think him equal to your son, and took advantage of his love and dedication for you. Samay asks what you are saying, you know what Chote Papa means to me. Shanti says he is your God, but he doesn’t regard you as his devotee, as God doesn’t do injustice with anyone. Samay says he didn’t do that. Shanti says I can’t see you becoming foolish and that’s why I will leave this inauspicious house today itself. Amma says no.

Bindiya recalls Samay and Krish’s words. She cries and washes her face. Amma says you can’t go, I will not let my family break. Shanti says which family, who uses the other in the family. She says I thought you are yearning to meet Samay. Amma says I can’t use Samay. Baldev says if Amma called him to unite Bindiya and Krish, but also to spend time with Samay. Bindiya says if they have conspired to ignite love in Krish’s heart, then it is not love. She says I don’t want such love, I shall tell Krishna ji that it was a plan of Amma, babu ji and Samay. Samay tells Shanti that he doesn’t have any feelings for Bindiya and that he had lied the other day. Amma says Samay has calmed Shanti, who will calm Bindiya.

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Bindiya comes to Krish’s room and calls him. She is about to go, when Amma pulls her and makes her see Dadi. Bindiya asks Dadi, when did she come? Amma says you are not listening to us. Bindiya says you called Dadi to take your side. Amma says no. Bindiya says she has to search Krishna ji and is going, when Dadi says when your husband has accepted you, then why you have turned your face. Bindiya says he said 2-3 things, which he might not remembered.

Amma says he remembered and didn’t refuse his sayings. Bindiya says she couldn’t forget what Krish has done with her. Dadi asks her to ask her heart if krish did it with his heart. Amma asks her to fight for her husband once again. She says you will fight this war. Amma asks her. Bindiya refuses to be part of their plan and refuse to cheat him. She says I will go and tell truth to Krishna ji. She comes out and finds his car missing. She asks Gagan, who tells that he went to Gomti Chowk. Bindiya thinks why did he go there. She goes there and thinks Krishna ji is not here. She finds his car there and sees the temple, and reads the board there to temple to destroy the sins. She sees the people serving punishment on their own. She sees Krish walking on the burning coal and gets shocked.

Precap: Krish apologizes to Bindiya. Bindiya tries to stop him. They have a hug. Bindiya thinks she has to fight for her husband and love.