Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 26th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Ronaq threatens to hurt Virel

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Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 26th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

In the night Kinjil is sitting when Samta asks Roupa to give the tea, she even scolds Kinjil why is she eating right now because then she would not be hungry, Heta comes back when Samta asks Heta how did she come back so quickly, Kinjil says that she called her to inform about the good news, Heta says they have just met her, Samta asks how could she come back so quickly from Upleta and then Chanchal informs she was on the video call, Samta asks how is she like, Chanchal replies she is very soft spoken but dresses just like Samta as she does not care for what she is wearing and about what is on her face, Samta says Chanchal is taunting her, Heta explains Chanchal did not mean it like that and just tried to say that she is very hard working, Chanchal replies only hard work does not mean anything but she would even have to be dressed like her as she is the wife of Naren, Chanchal mentions she will have to teach Nandini everything otherwise she is just like her, the sister calls Roupa explaining that now the time has arrived for them to rule

Ronaq asks his girlfriend what is the need to live in such a big house, she replies she took the house to match his status as she cannot bear when the people taunt her, she assures she will manage it when he gives her the money saying she should take it and give them to the person, she says that she just needs forty thousand while he should keep the remaining but he say she should keep them however she replies it is not a restaurant when he picks the glass to drink but she stops him saying he has to drive, he says she will call him whenever she needs his support because whatever he has belongs to them both, she hugs him saying he should leave now. Ronaq is still drinking while driving the car thinking of when his girlfriend said she will be able to give the rent today but was not able to arrange it and then recalls when Naren said that if he had taken the stand for his love then neither Roupa Bhabhi would have to suffer so much neither he would have so much hatred for everyone. Ronaq stops the car outside the house and then enters after putting the bottle of wine in the pocket.

Mehul is waking when he asks Ishwar to make sure no one finds about how HemRaj has asked them for the farm and especially Nandini should not find anything so they just enter with a smile on their face. Mehul entering asks where is everyone when Manri comes out saying it all happened due to Mehul, he asks where is Nandini when Manri calls her saying they both came, Nandini brings the water when Mehul asks her to get ready as she has to leave the house but he asks why is she so sad when it is the moment of happiness, Nandini replies she got happy at the first call but now when it is the news of making him sad when Manri questions have they both done, Nandini says she should ask them both, then going to Ishwar says she did not expect this from him when Mehul asks her to say clearly what is wrong that they have done, she says the mistake they have made in the name of tradition when he knows she is against him but even then he did it.

Ronaq furiously break the mirror in his room and he even breaks the chair while thrashing the entire house, Roupa tries to stop him but he even pushes her on the bed again and again, Virel comes questioning what is he doing but he demands that Virel should leave him, Ronaq does not stay quiet saying his father can only stop him but not HemRaj who gave some lectures but he says he hates him and everyone, Jigar tries to come and stop him however Ronaq says he hates the quiet behavior of his father when he could not do anything, Naren pushes Ronaq asking if he would kill his own father, Ronaq replies Naren is lucky to have HemRaj as his father, Naren asks if he came home after being drunk, Ronaq replies if he was the son of Virel Ratansi then would have also been drunk, Chanchal goes to console Rupa ordering Ronaq to leave from here, Heta is shocked seeing him but then Ronaq walks out of the room, Naren consoles Virel.

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Ishwar asks what is she talking about, she replies they did not even drink water of the house as Naren told her how he saw them both eating at the Dhaba as they cannot drink water, Mehul says she is furious over such a small thing, Nandini replies it is not a small thing asking why are they both smiling, Ishwar accepts the tradition broke in the house but it might not be in that family but Nandini says if they donot accept dowry then might not also follow this tradition, Mehul informs they decided to eat in the Dhaba and then Naren also decided to eat with them and felt it is spicy. Ishwar says the mother in law of Nandini send the dish for her, Nandini opens it in excitement when Mitesh comes asking what is the reason for the celebration, Mehul informs the relation of his sister has been fixed, Mitesh tries to take it away but Manri says that they are going to send it to the neighbors and relatives as happiness is share with everyone. Manri asks if the date has been fixed, Ishwar informs about the entire situation when Nandini gets worried asking how will they handle it all when Manri says when will the jewelry come so she asks Mitesh to go and bring the box as she needs to open it before their uncle forgets it again, she is demanding the key when Ishwar is worried.

The entire family is worried while Roupa is crying, Virel goes to sit on the couch when Naren says why did Jigar not say anything when he is the eldest, he says he did not feel it is right to talk in between a father and son, Naren replies they live in a joint family and Virel loves the three of them in the exact same manner but then Virel starts crying, Naren goes to console him when he says they might have made a mistake in his upbringing, he apologizes to Roupa on the behalf of Ronaq and even sits in front of her but Roupa refuses when Virel starts crying while sitting beside her. Roupa leaves the room when everyone tries to stop her. Samta sits beside Virel, Roupa is calling to Ronaq who is unconscious sitting beside the chair, Virel rushes to his side asking what has happened and even Naren, Jigar are worried when HemRaj comes seeing whom they all are shocked, the entire family comes to stand in front of Ronaq, Hem Ra turns to them all angrily.

Precap: Ishwar asks how will it happen when HemRaj says that there is no auspicious time for the next four months, Ishwar is worried, Nandini gets worried thinking how will her uncle arrange for the wedding when they donot have the jewellery.