Parineeti 26th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Madhu gets Sanju arrested

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Scene 1

Shelly comes to Neeti and says you are too possessive about Sanju, why is that? Neeti says yes I am so what? Shelly says it seems like you like him, why are you marrying me then? Neeti says Sanju is nice and he is my BIL so I am possessive about him. Pari is so innocent that she can’t see Madhurika is eyeing Sanju like I eye you. I have a right on you but Madhu shouldn’t be eyeing Sanju like that, Pari is so innocent and I have to protect her marriage. Shelly says oh God.. I was mistaken so sorry.

Pari is looking around for Sanju when Alluwalia’s Dadi comes there and says thank you. She says I never wanted to leave this house after it became a hotel, my soul lives here. I tried talking to Vishal but he listens to Madhu more than me, I had lost hope but you listened to me, you turned this house into a hotel but left my room to myself. Vishal comes there and talks to the media, he says I listened to my mother and didn’t take over her room. Pari is confused hearing that.

Pari comes to Neeti, she says I wish I had found a guy like Sanju instead of Shelly. He is just perfect.

Sanju is drugged and tries to leave but Madhu pulls him closer and tries to molest him. Sanju shouts for Pari. Madhu starts screaming for him. All come outside their room. Madhu says ‘t do this Sanju. Vishal breaks the door and they all enter to find Sanju and Madhu on the bed. Vishal starts beating Sanju up and says I will call the police on him. Pari rushes to Sanju. The inspector comes there but Pari says he is innocent. Madhu cries and acts like she was molested. The media also reports about Sanju trying to molest Madhu. The inspector tells Madhu that they won’t spare that guy.

Scene 2

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Sanju is brought to the police station and the media follows them. Sanju’s family watches the news, Amit says Sanju can never do this. Pami says that girl destroyed our honor. Chandrika says Sanju was drugged, how could he do anything? Bebe says he was drunk so he might have lost control. Pami says stop it. Vishal calls Amit and says I won’t spare Sanju now.

Shelly, Neeti and Pari arrive at the police station. Sanju is locked in a cell, Pari begs with the inspector and says Sanju is innocent. Neeti says how can you listen to Madhu? does she have any proof? Vishal shows the marks on her body and says Sanju molested her. Neeti says we all saw her eyeing Sanju up and down, she was leering at him. Madhu says you are a woman but you are not understanding my pain? why would I do that? I am married in a well-off family and the media was there so why would I eye Sanju? Vishal says the truth is that Sanju molested her. Neeti asks Shelly to do something.

Shelly comes out of the police station and says he isn’t sure about Neeti’s feelings for Sanju.

Pami is worried about Sanju, Amit tells her that they will try everything to save Sanju but in cases like these, they always listen to girls over boys.

The media enters the police station. Madhu says I am scared of Sanju, he will kill me. He is still eyeing me. Tayaji and Monty arrive there. Monty says I can tell you that Sanju is innocent. The inspector says do you have any proof? Tayaji says you listened to Madhu but not Sanju? The inspector says he tried molesting her so we won’t spare him. Madhu says I just want my complaint to be registered so I can go home. The inspector asks what happened there? Monty tells her to tell the truth otherwise.. the inspector tells him to shut up.

The episode ends.