Rabb Se Hai Dua 26th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Subhan thinks Farhan is Ibadat’s Boyfriend

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 26th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1

Ibadat tells Farhan to get lost before she calls the police, she throws him out of the window. Subhan enters the room and asks Ibadat why did she hide such a big secret from him? you have a boyfriend but you could have told me as I am your friend, I could have talked to Dua about him, maybe you will get your love unlike me, he eyes Mannat. Mannat says that guy.. Ibadat stops her and says lets go to sleep. Subhan teases her but Ibadat leaves with Mannat. Kaynaat hears all that and says now I have got an upper edge.

Ibadat asks Mannat why didn’t she tell her about Farhan? I will never let you be with him, he doesn’t even know how to talk, he is a druggie and uses girls like no other. Mannat says its just a time pass for me. Ibadat says love is not about passing time, you are Haider’s daughter and Dua has always taught us about love so you can’t pass time with boys. If you don’t love Farhan then why did you reject Subhan’s proposal? Mannat looks away.

Kaynaat tells Hina that Gazal’s blood has started working, Ibadat has a BF and is even brining him here. She is so shameless and doesn’t care about our honour. Hina says this girl is so shameless, I will not spare her. Kaynaat says you won’t say anything to Ibadat. Hina says she is doing a sin so I won’t spare her. Kaynaat says we have to take advantage of this situation, we were looking for a clue that can hurt Dua. I am going to use this to hurt Dua. Hina says why do you want to hurt Dua? Kaynaat says it will bring justice to Haider. I am sure Subhan will win over Mannat and then I will not spare Ibadat and Dua.

Ibadat asks Mannat why did she reject Subhan? she rejected him because of that illiterate Farhan, you rejected Subhan who is educated and loves you but you rejected him? Mannat says enough.. he might be nice but I don’t love him, if you find him so nice then marry him. I know you have feelings for him. Ibadat says he loves you. Mannat says but I don’t love him so please leave me alone, I am tired of all this, she goes to sleep. Ibadat thinks I have promised Subhan to unite you with him and I will not let Mannat destroy her life because of that cheap Farhan.

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Farhan is angry as Ibadat slapped him. He says I won’t spare her.

Scene 2

Dua wakes up and says I had a nightmare about Mannat, she prays for her. She recalls Ibadat telling her that Mannat’s life will be set for Subhan. She prays for Ibadat too.

In the morning, Ibadat tells Subhan to write a song for Mannat. She is a big fan of Secret Superstar. Subhan is surprised and says really? Ibadat says yes, you have to learn how to sing and she will be impressed by you. She says poetry and Subhan is surprised, he says Mannat wrote this in our emails so how do you know this? Ibadat says you know Mannat has told me everything about you both. Subhan says I felt like you write poetries too. She says I don’t. Subhan says her emails and her real self is way different. Ibadat says just write a song for her and you will win her over soon. Subhan says hope you get united with your love soon, Ibadat leaves.

Ibadat comes to Armaan and says I know you don’t like me and I also don’t but I am here to ask for your help. I know you like Mannat and will not let anything happen to her. We have to protect her from Farhan, he isn’t a good guy so will you help me save Mannat? Armaan says I can do anything for Mannat, I promise to help you. Ibadat says I will tell you soon what we have to do save Mannat.

Subhan is composing a song for Mannat. Sufi comes there and says you have such great talent so why don’t you tell Mannat about you being Secret Superstar? Subhan says I want Mannat to love me for myself and if I have to tell this secret to anyone then it will be Ibadat first. Sufi says she is your friend but Kaynaat doesn’t like her at all.

The episode ends.