Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 25th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Ishwar and Mehul leave for Upleta

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Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 25th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

HemRaj is sitting when Chanchal tells Baa that they should even get the auspicious time for the other ritual, HemRaj says that Ishwar would not be able to finalize the deals for the marriage, he suggests is one month enough when Mehul says would it not be very soon however HemRaj says that he should not be worried as they are about to become a family and he does not want any dowry, Anousya Baa asks him but HemRaj says that they would have three functions, namely Chundri Urana, then Mehandi and after that the wedding. Anousya Baa tells Ishwar that their family is very big and even their relatives would come so he should take care of seven to eight hundred, HemRaj says that he has said that Ishwar would not be able to do it so they will invite everyone to the function in Rajkot. Ishwar tells Mehul that HemRaj claims to not take any dowry while has secretly taken everything they own, Mehul says they are going to leave as there are a lot of preparations, Chanchal asks Samta to go and bring the box, she brings it from Heta. Chanchal says that this is for Nandini and her brother Mitesh, she informs she knows that parents care a lot for their daughters but he should leave it all on her as Nandini is her daughter, Ishwar says Nandini is very lucky as they never thought she would get a mother. Ishwar starts crying when HemRaj asks him to keep them in control as the time for it will come, HemRaj asks Ishwar to prepare for the wedding while not forget what they both discuses, Ishwar and Mehul leave, HemRaj calls the minister saying he has done the work for him in Upleta while he should also do the work for the land on the highway.

Nandini while lying on the floor calls her mother asking if this was all her plan and should listen to it as her daughter is about to get married with Naren and will always be happy, saying this is what she desired for her so thanks her for the blessings.

Naren tells Dhawal he has done all the entries, Virel comes saying that Naren would have found out everything but will be unaware of the news that the wedding is after one month, Dhawal blesses Naren and even Jigar hugs him, when he says that Naren should leave for home and Naren says he even has to meet Ishwar, Virel mentions they left but Naren says that uncle would call him upon reaching the platform, Naren asks Virel to check the diamonds that came so Virel agrees, he tells Dhawal and Jigar that they should leave together but Dhawal asks Virel to go, Jigar asks where do they have to go, Dhawal informs he has called the architect for their own plot, Jigar gets excited so hugs him.

Nandini is sitting when she gets a call from Naren, she asks where is he going when he says that he has to meet uncle before he leaves for Upleta.

Mehul comes asking Ishwar to eat the food as they have to leave for Upleta, Ishwar says that he feels has made a mistake because he promised Nandini he will not give the dowry but feels he has not fulfilled the promise, Mehul says Ishwar always wanted the best for Nandini and now she will be married to Naren who is very nice along with his mother, Ishwar wonders what about HemRaj as he is very greedy, Mehul suggests that Ishwar should not be like this because HemRaj is even the diamond king and he could not be like this if he was simple, Mehul says that Ishwar should not be so negative and think about how happy their Nandini would be in the house, Ishwar says Mehul knows that Nandini is against dowry but how would she feel when she finds the truth, Mehul gets shocked seeing Naren who comes to them saying they both made a mistake and know he is against it, Mehul asks what happened when Naren replies they are eating the food at this local restaurant, Mehul says this is very famous but Naren calls him however he notices how Ishwar is emotional and asks if he is crying, Mehul refuses along with Ishwar so Naren asks if his father said something to them, Mehul replies he just said that he accepts the relation, Naren is worried for uncle, Mehul informs he is emotional because they could not believe it will become the truth so this is how he is reacting, Mehul reveals one cries alone when they are sad but tears of happiness can be seen on their face, Naren sits Ishwar saying the humanity of a person is shown from his behavior and then how much he knows his mother, she could not have let them leave without eating. Ishwar replies Chanchal insisted but they are of the bride and how can they eat, Naren says he is the uncle of Nandini who argues for it then would she feel nice if she finds it, Ishwar says he might be wrong but both Naren and Nandini can argue however he is old, Mehul agrees he is from their generation but he is not educated as both of them and so he will change after a while, Naren agrees with him before ordering the worker to also bring a thali for him, Ishwar is shocked so Naren asks if he has a problem but Naren says he will not eat a lot from the thali of Ishwar as his own food is coming.

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Ronaq is drinking while asking if she can afford such a lavish house, the girl walks down the stairs with a smile on her face.

Naren and Chanchal are excited when Naren says he felt he would have to live with the painting but now his Nandini would be in front of him however Chanchal is still worried, Naren says they both are lost, Nandini says she was thinking that all the women brought their dowry with them but then how did his father agree to it, Naren says she has convinced him and he changed for his father, Chanchal says if she will just see Nandini in the photo when she has to see her in Upleta, Chanchal says she will get ready right now and he should come, Naren says how can they live, Chanchal asks if he feels they need to go to Upleta to meet her, Naren then calls Nandini while she is cooking, Nandini gets excited and so answers the video call, Naren informs that his mother wants to talk to her, she greets him when Chanchal asks if she fought with the wheat, she asks if Nandini is happy so she calls her aunt but Chanchal exclaims that she can call her mom, Heta also comes so greets Nandini, she informs she felt Nandini is very beautiful after seeing her in the portrait of Naren but now feels she is even simple. Nandini gets emotional.

Precap: Nandini asks Ishwar what has he done, Mehul asks what does she mean by it, Nandini replies he has done what she hates and is against but even then he did it.