Shrimad Ramayan 25th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Raavan kidnaps Sita

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The Episode starts with Ram meeting Laxman. He says the golden deer was Marich, why did you leave Sita and come here. Laxman says Sita got restless hearing your call for hel, she forced me to come here. Sita says I won’t let my Kul name get spoiled. She apologizes to Laxman. She crosses the Laxman Rekha and goes to Rishi. She asks him to accept the Bhiksha. Raavan praises her. She says Ram is Trilok Swami. He says he is such a man who can’t give three meals to you, you deserve to become Lanka queen, I want to give you that position. Sita says your words have exposed you, you aren’t a Sadhu, who are you, answer me. Raavan comes to his real avatar. He says this is my real avatar, I m a Rakshas. She gets shocked seeing Raavan. She says such a big cheat. Ram and Laxman run towards Panchvati. Raavan catches Sita. He says if Mahadev supported me in your Swayamvar, then you would have become Lanka queen, don’t worry, I have come to end your sorrow. She scolds him and asks him to get out before Ram comes. He asks what will Ram do. She argues.

He says just I will have a right on you, Sita. She tries to get away. He says no use now, once you cross the limits, it won’t help you, no one can protect you now. They argue. He says no one can kill me. She says leave me, Ram will come and punish you. Raavan says Ram can’t punish me, I will kidnap you, Sita. Sita shouts to Ram for help. Raavan lifts her and takes her. Ram says Sita is in danger. Mahadev says Raavan’s crime can’t be forgotten for decades, he has done disgusting thing, he has written his end today.

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Sita’s jewellery falls. Ram and Laxman look for Sita. Ram takes her to the chariot. He asks Sita to shout more. Sita shouts. Raavan says shout more, you got happy seeing my sister’s insult, I feel happy seeing you shouting. Sita says Ram will come to free me and kill you. Ram and Laxman don’t find Sita. Ram sees the fallen fruits. Ram and Laxman cry. Ram hugs him. Mahadev and Parvati talk about Ram’s pain of separation. Sita shouts Shri Ram. Garudraj Jatayu hears her shouting. He looks around. Raavan says no one will come to save you. Jatayu comes to save Sita. Ram says we have to find Sita, come Laxman. Laxman says its my fault. He cries and says I left her alone, kill me and punish me for this crime, else I will kill myself. Ram hugs him.

He says don’t apologize, its my mistake also, we have to rectify this mistake, we have to find Sita, I promised Mata that I will get Sita happily home, I need you to keep this promise. Sita says Jatayu.. Raavan holds her hand. Jatayu says you are doing a sin to touch a woman against her wish, I m like Sita’s father, I m Jatayu, I m here to protect her. Raavan says amazing, who will protect you from me, I don’t want to kill an old bird, don’t invite your death, go away. Jatayu says I know your powers, I don’t want to win but stop you till Ram comes.
Laxman says I had made the line here. Ram says someone tricked Sita to cross this line. He gets Sita’s jewellery fallen on the ground.