Katha Ankahee 22nd November 2023 Written Episode Update: Viaan vows to get Aarav to love him again

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Vanya is sitting with Viaan who says he has seen him before but this time it was very different as he could sense hatred and Katha was right, he wished he had not gone away from him as then he would have been able to convince him. Vanya says he is a child and would need some time to understand as Aarav has seen him for the first time. Viaan says that Raghav was there and did it while he was not able to do anything, Viaan explains what else could have Katha done in this situation while he has also lost everything and so deserves a chance, Vanya agrees with him when Viaan says he is sure he can bring him back to his love, Vanya is sure it would happen but Viaan is tensed wondering if he would leave but Vanya promises to make him meet Aarav again explaining that she knew that Aarav was coming to the exhibition and this is why she sent him there, Vanya is shocked to see Ahsan standing there.

Raghav enters the house with Aarav when Ruhi leaves saying she will bring the hot chocolate for him and even Raghav leaves to bring water, Katha slowly sits beside Aarav mentioning there is nothing in life that they have not fought and they have faced everything, she requests Aarav to be strong. Raghav returns with the water for Aarav who slowly drinks it. Raghav asks if Aarav is not feeling any tightness on the chest or difficulty breathing but then he asks what happened that triggered him. Aarav remembers it but says he does not want to talk about it, Raghav then questions what happened in the camp but Raghav asks what else however Aarav questions why are they not understanding he does not want to talk, Raghav explains that they need to talk about it sometime as they can never keep the pain on their chest but for now he should rest, Katha and Aarav leave.

Vanya is shocked when Ahsan asks if she has been able to make Viaan happy and then what would have happened to Katha and Aarav. Vanya says so what because she tried to help her brother but he did not listen to anything, Ahsan says that she is the one who was forced to accept everything tat Ahsan is saying, he says that he wants her to act a bit mature as this would be a shock for Aarav. Ahsan says he thought that she is on his side but he did not hear anything that she said, she accepts that Dr Sehgal and his family are very nice people but what about her brother and why should he suffer, Viaan asks them both to stop saying he knows they want the best for him but are they going to ruin their own relation for him, he leaves angrily asking them to sort out everything. Ahsan asks if Vanya is happy after it all and questions if she was the one who called Katha to the dinner, she says she knew it was the best decision. Ahsan gets angry saying that he thought their decisions matched with each other but he does not know what she has been doing behind his back, he leaves angrily while Vanya says he would also one day realize that this is the right thing to do at the moment. Vanya is very frustrated.

Katha tells she wanted to talk with him about it, Aarav asks if he is also the friend of Raghav and even the friend of Ruhi about whom she keeps talking. Katha says she did not know and he also had no idea, but this is all just coincidence. Katha promises he would not come back to their life but they cannot tell Raghav and Ruhi how they know him because he is their past and they have hurt their feeling, Aarav says they befriended him and he would have told the truth but katha says that Viaan did not reveal the truth. Katha explains it is their responsibility to make sure this family stays away from the bitterness of their past, Katha tells Raghav and Ruhi love him a lot and they would also not have any negativity in their heart neither wish anything bad for him but just stay away from him. Aarav promises to not say anything wrong and would never pray for the bad thing but he never wants to meet him. Aarav says he is furious because he has hurt Katha a lot so he can never be nice. Katha explains he was their past and they have to forget him if they desire to move on and even forgive him, Aarav turns to Katha who kisses him, he asks if she is happy and not troubled promising to always keep her happy, Katha says she knows they are team and each others happiness so they have to even make this family happy, she makes him promise that they will forgive and forget, Ruhi enters the room with the banana for the monkey, Aarav says he is a special monkey but Ruhi asks him to shift however he says she has a lot of space, Ruhi says that it is their special chocolate so asks if he wants to see their special movie.

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Raghav comes to the door and is a bit tensed seeing that katha is just sitting there but a bit tensed.

Viaan explains that he knows Aarav is a bit angry with him but he will never abandon his son and surely make him fall in love with him once again. Katha thinks she knows Viaan loves Aarav a lot but for the sake of that he should stay away, Viaan is adamant.

In the morning katha enters the cabin of Viaan who says he kept thinking the entire last night, when Aarav came in front of him at the exhibition and the way Raghav handled him as Aarav trusts him. Viaan says for the first time he saw anyone else taking his place in the life of his son, Viaan says he kept asking why did katha take this step as she does not love Raghav and the only reason she is with him is due to Aarav, he can understand her situation because she can not even see their son suffer and he was also not there so she was forced by the situation. Viaan explains his bond with Aarav is not of a doctor and there is friendship along with care, he says if she gives him another chance then they can once again be friends. Katha asks Viaan if he knows why Raghav came to his life because she was not able to fill that void herself, they both are responsible for the condition of Aarav when Viaan says they can handle it, katha says that the damage has been controlled, but Viaan asks for a chance however katha questions if he did not see the condition of Aarav last night, asking why does he want to make both him and Aarav go through the same pain.

Vanya is very tensed sitting in the conference room when Ahsan brings coffee for her, asking if his fiance got angry and then cried while she even ordered ice cream, he hugs her when she says there are CCTV but he mentions there was a lot of argument between them both, he apologizes for over reacting but says they cannot do it and she must know he would never think of anything wrong for Viaan. Vanya explains she has witnessed the desire of love and her mother waited for her father but when they met, he kept worrying for Viaan and now he is also waiting for Aarav.

Katha says in the past eight months a lot has happened which cannot be changed and they both must work on this project but Viaan says that this is about his son, katha asks if he remembers that the one whom he is calling his son hates him, Viaan says he has the treatment for it with his love which he has done with Katha, she also used to hate him but then forgave him and even fell in love, Viaan vows to make sure Aarav falls in love with again and he is just telling her, Katha turns to leave but turning back says that it is his problem that he does whatever he desires and he has no idea how she has handled her son but cannot understand she was trying to protect everyone from being hurt however she has had enough of it all. Viaan says she is complaining to him, she nods in agreement when he says they complain to those whom they feel as their own when he asks her to complain even more, katha says he has no chance when he replies it would surely happen but she leaves saying there is no chance , Viaan is worried.

Precap: Katha tells Aarav that he is looking tensed so it is because of Viaan, Aarav says that she should never let him come before him, Ruhi is amazed to see Viaan but Aarav gets furious seeing him and says that he is neither his father nor Robin, Raghav is shocked.