Dabangii 22nd November 2023 Written Episode Update: Satya gets a bad news

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The Episode starts with Satya thinking of his child. Aai says you got her in Sholapur, your son would be there, go there and find him once on my saying. Kasturi worries. Arya says leave me, my dad is in police. The lady says shut her in the room, she won’t get food and water. Arya shouts. Satya scolds Kasturi and says I got tension, you want to keep this useless program. He cancels the marriage and asks everyone to leave. He says Chandrao, we have to leave for Sholapur, right away. He goes. Aai looks at Kasturi and goes. Arya says I will lock you all outside this room. She locks the door. She feels hungry. She finds a way to go out. She keeps the chairs and climbs up.

She goes out of the storeroom. She goes to the staffroom and sees the tiffins kept. She checks the food and gets happy. She sits eating. The staff comes and sees her eating. Arya says I was feeling hungry, so I came to eat. She says Bappa has sent the rat to show me the way. The lady thinks food is her weakness. She smiles and says if you stay here, then you will get good food. Arya thinks principal isn’t much bad. She says fine, I will listen to you from today. The lady thinks I found a way to control her. Ankush gets Zai’s call. Zai says you broke the promise, you promised to send me to dance class. Bela takes the phone and says focus on your work, I will handle Zai. He says yes, I had imp work, I m coming home. She says come soon, Satya and Kasturi’s marriage got cancelled, he had to go to Sholapur suddenly. He gets shocked. He thinks why is Satya going there. He leaves.

Chandrao says Damini can’t lie. Satya scares him. They are on the way. Kasturi cries and removes her jewellery. Tanmay comes and hugs her. She says you have to take revenge for my tears, you have to become the suitable heir of Satya, do anything it takes. He says yes, I will do whatever you say, don’t cry.

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Satya sees Sonu. Sonu recalls Tanmay’s dad. Satya says you were with Arya, you fought with Tanmay, don’t lie, look at this pic, do you know her. Sonu says yes. Satya says she has a son, tell me, where is that boy. Sonu says I m her son. Satya gets angry. Chandrao says say the truth, Kaku used to say, I m her son. Sonu’s mum sends him. She asks what happened. Satya asks about Damini and her son. The lady says her son fell into a well two years back and died. Satya is shocked. She says she doesn’t stay here now, why are you asking about her. Satya asks her son died? She says yes. He recalls Damini’s words.

Arya talks to the classmates. The girls make fun of her. Arya scolds them. Arya fights the girl. Satya asks the other ladies about Damini’s son. The ladies say the same thing. The lady says she had no one else, her son died in front of her, he was shouting. The old lady says villagers tried to save him, but they got the dead body out of the well after two days. Satya says enough, I don’t want to hear anything more. He leaves.

Ankush comes. Sonu asks how did you like my acting. Ankush smiles. Sonu says make me talk to Arya. Ankush says sure. He thanks the ladies for lying to Satya. The lady says we love Chaya and Arya a lot. Ankush says I couldn’t save Chaya, but Satya can’t reach his daughter Arya. The principal sees Arya fighting. Satya recalls the ladies’ words. Chandrao says you couldn’t get a child from Damini. He asks Satya to forget it and close the chapter. He says you have to win the elections, focus on the school event tomorrow. Arya doesn’t see Satya’s pic on the banner.

Ankush says I got her admission done in boarding school, this house isn’t safe for Arya. Arya prays. Satya scolds Kasturi. Ankush cheers up Zai.