Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd November 2023 Written Episode Update: Vibhuti Sees Anita With Michael


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Vibhuti asks Tiwari that why is he crossing the limits again? Tiwari starts crying and says that Angoori also might have some affair. Vibhu gets furious and slaps him. Vibhu tells Tiwari that Anu knew Michael before him, and even had affair with him. Tiwari starts crying loudly. Vibhu also starts winning.

Anu goes up to Michael, Vibhu and Tiwari are sneaking on to her from the window. Tiwari starts crying. Anu tells Michael that today she came with all the preparations and takes off her jacket. Tiwari covers his eyes and tells Vibhu that he not strong enough to see this. Vibhu goes to another window and sees that Michael is a skeleton with clothes on. Vibhu comes back and takes Tiwari with him. Tiwari sees the skeleton and gets scared.

Ammaji is dancing in her balcony. Angoori calls her and tells that she’s very upset. Ammaji asks, what happened? Angoori tells Ammaji that she couldn’t complete the task Ramfal gave her. Ammaji says that it’s not very difficult and says that she will arrive and do it for her.

Anu is sleeping while snoring weirdly. Vibhu gets up and checks Anu. Anu starts blabbering that she will kill someone and eat the person as well. Anu gets up and leaves. Vibhu calls Tiwari. Anu leaves the house and they both follows her.

Anu goes back to Michael and says that she’s only his and really loves her. The skeleton starts talking says that she betrayed him. Vibhu and Tiwari watches her and gets terrified. Michael says that he really loves him and wants her to come with him. Anu asks, who is going to convince her husband? Michael says that she will do it. Vibhu and Tiwari leaves so that she cant spot them. The director shows up and tells Anu that she did a great job, because she is shooting for a movie. Anu thanks the director. The director tells her that it’s enough for today, and will shoot the next sequence with tomorrow. Anu leaves.

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Tiwari is in confusion regarding Anu. Ammaji shows up and asks Tiwari that where was he? Tiwari says that he doesn’t know what he’s been doing. Ammaji tells Tiwari to bend over. Tiwari bends over and Ammaji grabs his neck so that he stays in place. Tiwari asks that what is she doing? Ammaji calls Angoori and she comes with hot metal rod. She presses it and sets the impression of a cock on Tiwari’s hips. Vibhu shows up and gets shocked. Angoori and Ammaji celebrates that now Angoori is officially an occultist. Vibhu asks that why did they stamped on his hips? Angoori apologises and says that it’s was an accident. Tiwari says that Angoori will never become an occultist. Vibhu takes Tiwari outside with him. Vibhu tells Tiwari that Angoori can help them with Anu’s situation.

Tiwari and Anu are jogging together. Anu is strangely talking to herself and reciting that she cannot live without Michael. Tiwari asks her what happened, what is she saying? Anu says that she’s not saying anything and leaves. Tiwari gets scared and tells the coconut water seller to take money from Vibhu.

Tiwari and Vibhu go to Michael’s house. His father opens the door. Vibhu and Tiwari greets him. Vibhu tells him that Michael has took control of his wife. Tiwari starts crying and asks him for help. Vibhu tells Tiwari shut up! Michael father tells Tiwari that Michael really loved his cycle and even used to sleep on it, and tells them that whenever they see a cycle without a rider, just know, Michael’s spirit is riding it.

Ammaji and Angoori are doing the rituals and taking out spirits off people. Angoori has become an occultist and warns the spirit.

PreCap: Vibhu asks Angoori for help. Angoori starts dancing and Ammaji also joins her. Tiwari and Vibhu sees the cycle, and Anu sitting on it without a rider.