Katha Ankahee 10th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Viaan brings coffee for Katha.

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In the office, Katha calls Aarav asking about the camp. Aarav loves it hear though he was doubtful about it. Katha wants him to bring her with him next time as well. Aarav plans to come here with Raghav and Katha, they can skip Ruhi. Katha requests him to befriend Ruhi. Aarav has been noticing Katha taking Ruhi’s side. Katha can see someone being selfish, asks him to keep a good diet. Aarav has been eating a lot, he informed Raghav about it, asks if Raghav is with her. Viaan knocks on the door, Katha ends the call. Viaan shows her the design, Katha doesn’t approve. Viaan brought her a coffee, she throws it away. Viaan leaves the office.

Raghav wanted Yuvraj to be at his party, he wanted Yuvraj to meet his friend. He has high hopes for his Taj Mahal for Katha. Yuvraj gets a call, Raghav invites him to pick Katha from office together. Yuvraj has other meetings to attend, Reet needs him as well. Yuvraj leaves, attends the call telling his mother to wait for a while.

Viaan shows Katha another design that she doesn’t approve off. Viaan reminds that his staff is working hard on these design without any layout. Katha doesn’t approve of the design just to please Viaan. He reminds her about their monument design, she cannot like these design because it’s not her dream. He dream was him, he questions since they were the people who believed in change. Katha no longer has the power or confidence to believe in change, it vanished the day Aarav went into trauma. Aarav made a perfect image of Aditya from stories Katha told. For first time in his life, Aarav trusted Viaan, accepted him as a father but got betrayed. Aarav is unable to cope with this trauma. It would have been a living hell for Aarav and Viaan to be together. Viaan could have won his trust back, as a matter of fact, he would do that. Viaan wants a chance back, just on chance to fix everything. Viaan was his father.

Nivedita and office staff were happy to have Katha back in the office. Katha was fit for this place, thought there was a disappointment on her face. Raghav enters the office asking for Katha.

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Katha and Viaan argue. Katha tells that a bullet was fired that day, Yuvraj doesn’t want to see Viaan again. She asks Viaan that if their love had enough strength it should have overpowered that dark night but it didn’t. Katha lost her entire family, she is dealing the consequences till date. She had to and hence she chose a different life for her kid. Viaan questions her for blaming everything on love, requests her to separate fear from love. Viaan wants to love, and love her repeatedly. Raghav enters the office.

Yuvraj calls Ehsan requesting him to stop Viaan from getting involved in Katha’s life. Ehsan asks him to wait since the situation in quiet complicated. Yuvraj requests, there are children involved here, Raghav made Viaan his friend being unaware of the reality. Ehsan will do something about it.

Viaan tells Raghav that he was reading Viaan his new poetry. Raghav cannot resist tears after reading Viaan’s poetry. Raghav asks his architect about his dream project, The Monument of Love. Viaan has showed Katha handful of designs but she refused. Katha compliments Viaan’s businessman skill for convincing and starting this project. Raghav corrects her, he saw the Project of Love in Viaan’s office, it took strong convincing to make Viaan take the project. Raghav believed that this project need Katha and her love. Raghav apologies to them for interrupting their meeting, he leaves to meet a friend nearby. Viaan assures that he would fix everything.

Ehsan comes to Viaan in the office. Viaan asks he met Katha. Ehsan stops him, questions him for living in pain, why isnt he leaving her. Ehsan tells that Katha is with Raghav. Viaan corrects him, he knows that Katha loves him, she is only with Raghav because of fear. Katha is thinking about others, not herself and he cannot let her do that. If Katha wants him to move on, if she is unbothered by him than why is she distracted by him? Viaan will not step back expecting Ehsan to support him.

The office help brings Katha her coffee, it was send by Viaan.

PRECAP: Viaan invites Katha and Raghav at his place for Diwali celebrations. Raghav agrees. Katha meets Teeji and others. Aarav video calls Raghav asking where they are.