Kundali Bhagya 10th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Rajveer finds out the truth about the criminals

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The boss asks the other criminal if he saw her there when they both leave after not finding her here, Karan comes out with Preeta asking what has she done that they are coming after her and he promises that he is always going to stand by her side and she must not be worried since The Karan Luthra is by her side, Preeta tries to calm him down saying the person is still here when Karan questions why did she take him to the corner covering his mouth, Preeta feels grossed asking how can he think that she wants to spend some private life with him but then explains she only took him there o they can remain protected from those people, Karan replies that she must not say she does not feel what he feels for her, and there is no t these emotions but her heart also beats while he saw in the corner that she also thinks the same about him. Preeta replies it is incorrect as he is mistaken when karan asks when did she learn to lie but he still calls her a liar so she is amazed, Karan says just a she is away in his mind then even he is indeed in her mind and just as he longs to meet her she also thinks the same, and she also loves him just as he loves her so is it the truth, preeta gets a bit intimidated by it so turns to leave saying she does not want to talk to him but karan pulls her back to him, Preeta is not able to utter even a single word and just keep looking at him, she gets flashbacks of her past life but is not able to fully remember it.

Kavya entering the room is amazed as the switch boards of her room are not working when Rajveer says it is nothing to be worried about as he will wear it and it will dry but Kavya replies her father gifted him this jacket with a lot of love and if he wears it then it would feel nice. Kavya notices the stain so asks Rajveer to go down and spend some time with Varun as he would need company, Rajveer replies sometimes he cannot even say anything to Kavya so agrees to go down.

The boss is walking in the Luthra Mansion when Rishab stops him questioning what is he doing here and explains that they both might have met somewhere but the boss replies he is just the friend of one of their guests however Rishab explains he feels how he personally knows him and so where have the met but the boss insists he does not know him, Rishab tries to think when Rakhi suddenly comes calling him providing the boss with the opportunity to run away, Rakhi asks him if he has seen Karan, Rakhi explains she was talking about something important to Karan but he ran away and she cannot find him, Rishab replies that today everyone whom they are talking is running away and even the person he was talking to ran away, Rakhi mentions even Preeta ran away, she says Rishab might not know it so explains that she saw Preeta in this house hearing which Rishab gets amazed so asks where, Rakhi replies she cannot find them however Rishab replies if Preeta je came to this house then would be around here somewhere so he takes Rakhi with him.

Karan asks Preeta from whom is she scared so Preeta questions if he does not feel shame as he is not a teenager and should behave like this, preeta replies this is why Nidhi behaves this when he is also like it however Karan asks when did Nidhi come between them, he tease her using the same old name and so Preeta runs away saying he is a really bad husband, Karan mentions he knows he has made some mistakes in his life and then have tried his best to correct them, Preeta runs away so Karan once again starts searching for her.

Shaurya is frustrated with Sandy wondering why did the jacket of Rajveer got ruined right now, Amy asks what is the problem so they both start staring at him when he says he meant to say they would get a lot of chances, they are talking. Shanaya is staring at them all when Daljeet comes asking why is she standing here and should talk with him, Shanaya replies she feels there is something else going on entirely so she would find it out, Daljeet sees a girl walking towards Shaurya so says that she feels Shanaya would be like her when Shanaya replies she does not know if she should say it but feels Shaurya likes Palki when Daljeet does not agree saying that palki is very simple, the girl comes to sit beside Shaurya asking if he remembers her when he says she is Niks, he introduces her to his friends and then leaves with the girl, Daljeet asks Shanaya to go after Shaurya before he gets involved with her, Shanaya leaves asking her mother to not say anything of the sort.

Kritika is in the room when she slowly goes to open the door when the criminals immediately see her and they rush into the room, she says that it would be very bad if they try to hurt her when the criminals reply she has seen their face and so would have to suffer but Preeta enters the room warning them to not do anything to her, Kritika sees Preeta Bhabhi so requests them to not do anything to her but Preeta warns her to not beg as she will surely be able to teach them a lesson, she starts throwing the things at them when one of them hits Kritika in the head with the back of his knife and they manage to make her unconscious while also giving Preeta the chloroform due to which she also falls unconscious. They both finally sit on the bed mentioning they have to hide them both before anyone sees them otherwise it would cause a lot of problem, they both quickly close the door and then start pulling both Preeta and Kritika to hide them.

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Rishab is searching with Rakhi but then she starts getting emotional o Rishab asks the reason, Rakhi wonders where did Preeta go suddenly, Rishab says she loves to him and so explains that today is Diwali and she knows why they try to celebrate it, as today all the problems and troubles go away after which something good will happen, she asks her to just smile as whenever he sees tears in her eyes then feels very bad. Rakhi explains that when Rishab and karan were at the age of getting married, she would always look at girls for both of her sons, Rishab replies Karan used to get very irritated by it but knows that his mother loves him a lot but wondered if he should practice or just focus on searching for girls. Rishab replies that he does not want to get married as he just loves his mother when Rakhi replies they need a life partner, she says she thought of getting two daughter in laws in this house today the Diya are lit but there is no one else, Rishab stops her from crying saying she has both of her sons, he explains she is not getting the time to torture her daughter in laws, Rakhi does not understand when he says she is missing the problems that she will cause for them both but Rakhi replies she does not like to be a strict mother in law but a mother as the girl also leaves her home. Rishab asks why does she get so sentimental as she is very cute and explains Nidhi would not like it, Rakhi explains Nidhi is just the mom of Shaurya as she has raised him but not her daughter in law, both the criminals come out of the room then rush back inside after seeing Rishab and Rakhi.

Rakhi asks Rishab why did he take the name of Nidhi and so asks him to come as she will ask Kritika, they both enter the room when Rakhi wonders where is she but when they are not able to find her, Rishab says that she must come down as everyone is waiting, they leave while both Kritika and Preeta are unconscious in the room.

Shaurya takes Niks to his room when she is amazed seeing it, he says that she can even see the entire house if this is what she likes but she asks who has interest n the house, Shanaya is amazed seeing them both so enters the room pretending as if she is on the phone, Niks asks what is going on and is he engaged, Shaurya asks Shanaya what is she doing here, Shanaya asks the name of the girl but she does not know it however Shaurya replies that he knows her name and so starts thinking of it and then calls her as babes, Shanaya leaves the room when Shaurya also follows her asking what was all this, Shanaya leaves when Niks also comes out asking what is it all as he does not even know her name, she hits on the foot before leaving angrily.

Kavya comes out of the bathroom with a smile on her face exclaiming Shaurya has finally found someone who would not even let him go near anyone, she exclaims that Shaurya throws his clothes anywhere so she hangs the jacket while leaving with the other one.

Varun asks Rajveer if he can ask a questions and asks what were his feelings when he realized he was in love with Palki but Rjaveer starts coughing so Varun asks why is he being nervous just like a girl. Rajveer replies he never understood how he started feeling it all for her when Varun asks him to not act so innocent as he has a heart which is beating, Varun explains that something happened that caused him to feel like it, Rajveer starts thinking how he first met palki when they got in the accident, Rajveer explains palki is very different from everyone as she is not only good looking but also has a kind heart so he never knew how he started feeling it, he explains he did not know anyone when he came to this city for the first time and she helped him, Varun explains that she is indeed very sweet so Rajveer replies she is not only nice but also scolds him a lot, and he hears it all since she does not let him speak. Kavya calls Rajveer bringing his jacket for him, Varun asks Kavya if she knows when Rajveer started falling in love with Palki when Rajveer says that it was between them both, Varun replies that Kavya is also in their team but Rjaveer says that he has to make sure Varun does not say it to anyone so he takes him away while Kavya tries to follow them.

Rajveer hides behind the pillar while the boss informs that they are going to become rich after stealing from such a big house, he informs that there should not be any mistake. Rajveer thinks they are very dangerous people and had guns, he tries to look for his mobile but is not able to find it and then decides to warn everyone.