Udaariyaan 11th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Armaan and Alia apologize to Aasma

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The Episode starts with Neetu asking will Aasma come. Sukhi says yes, she will keep Rano’s word. She says but she has much self esteem. Deepak comes and gives sweets from Biji’s side. Armaan greets. Deepak says I won’t forgive you until Aasma forgives you, Aasma decided not to come, I didn’t want to force her. Ekam comes and gives the gifts. He says we shouldn’t have any complains with Aasma, but I got my other daughter with me, I know she shouldn’t come here, but I don’t want to have enmity again, so I got Alia along. Kabir asks Aasma are you ready, I m coming to take you. Aasma says no, sorry, I can’t do anything that spoils my Sasural’s name. He says fine, go and celebrate Diwali with them. Ekam says we are sorry. Sukhi says its Armaan’s mistake too, we have been wrong, its because of our enmity, Aasma got stuck in this, we should be sorry to her, she tried hard to end our enmity, they both should apologize to Aasma, if she forgives them, then we will have no complains. Aasma comes home and sees the Rangoli. She walks inside the house. Armaan smiles seeing her. Everyone is glad to meet her. Raja says Armaan has made the Rangoli for you. Aasma takes Sukhi’s blessings. Sukhi asks what shall I bless you, you are a blessing. Ekam says its my first Diwali with my daughter, what shall I gift you, you are a gift for us. He asks Alia to apologize to Aasma.

Alia sits down and folds hands. She apologizes to Aasma. Aasma asks her to get up. She says you don’t need to apologize, because it won’t affect now, life has taught me to never believe anyone. She lights the diya. They all pray. Kabir comes there and looks on. Everyone does aarti. Armaan prays to Matarani. Kabir lights a firecracker rocket. It flies towards Aasma. Armaan saves her. They see each other. Rano thanks Matarani. Neetu asks what was this. Rano says maybe a kid did mischief. Armaan turns to see. He asks who is there. Ekam also comes out and asks what happened, Armaan. Armaan says I m worried for Aasma, is this the same guy, someone was here. Ekam says its okay, I will see. Kabir says no Armaan, you can’t stop me from celebrating Diwali with Aasma. Rano asks Aasma not to leave the house. She says forgive Armaan. Aasma says I have to go, sorry, I have come to keep your respect, but I can’t forgive and forget what happened with me, its better if I go away, I wish Lord keeps the lovers happy. Armaan says person can’t be right always, he knows his mistake later, I have realized that Alia and I aren’t right for each other, Aasma, you are right for me. Alia is shocked.

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Armaan says I want to apologize to you, until you forgive me. Aasma goes out. He says I will drop you home, you aren’t safe. She says no need, constables are there with me. She leaves in the car. Armaan follows her on his bike. They reach her home. He says I will be here at night, call me if there is any problem, I know there is no one at home, let me stay until they come. She says no need, constables are there, I have to learn to protect myself, you go. He says I know what I did, do you have no feelings for me. She says you don’t know what’s love, one can’t forget the person he loves. He says I will wait until you forgive me. She says I request you to go away if you care for me. She goes inside the house. He sees something and thinks there was someone near the window. Aasma sees the decorations in her room.

She recalls Armaan. She sits crying. Armaan hammers a drum. She calls him and asks what is all this, why did you decorate my room, what do you want. She ends call. He says I didn’t do this, is that stalker doing this, it means that guy is in Aasma’s room. Kabir is behind the bed. Armaan calls Aasma. She doesn’t answer.

The episode ends