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Day 54

8 AM

The inmates wake up to BB anthem, they all dance to it. They find thrones in the garden.

9:15 AM

Samarth and Isha are doing PDA, Abhishek tells them to go to their room. Khanzaadi tells him to let them be, he says I am just joking. Vicky asks them to come for cooking. Aishwarya tells Vicky to come as she has to divide ration. Abhishek tells her that she is being rude, Aishwarya says I called you but you didn’t come on time. He says what time? I will come when I want to. Arun tells him to get lost. Aishwarya tells him to get lost, you just want footage. She tells everyone that she is going to divide ration right now only. Abhishek says this is wrong. Aishwarya says its my responsibility so I will do what I want to. Arun says he is just a monkey. Abhishek tells him to get lost. Khanzaadi tells Aishwarya to not be egoistic if she got power. Aishwarya says I am trying to be reasonable but I will put you down in your place. Khanzaadi says you can’t be seen, you are small. Samarth tells Khanzaadi to not body shame her. Aishwarya tells her to get lost. Khanzaadi says you are flying in high. Khanzaadi says you are ill-mannered. Isha says Khanzaadi is just jealous. Abhishek says Khanzaadi didn’t body shame her. Vicky tells Arun that if we took 5 minutes to come then we are wrong? Aishwarya says you don’t tell us what’s right or wrong. Khanzaadi says she is just gone crazy. Aishwarya tells her to leave, I am not talking to you. Khanzaadi says I won’t go anywhere.

10 AM

Aishwarya tells Rinku that I was about to divide ration last night only. Rinku says you should have given us more time to decide. Aishwarya says I will do what I think is right. Munawar tells Aishwarya that I am requesting you to let us cook in peace. She says don’t teach me what to do.

Abhishek tells Arun that you have no guts to give me food. Arun says you can’t do anything. Abhishek says I already sent your friend away, you have no guts. You hippo. Munawar tells Abhishek to stay out of the kitchen as they are cooking. Isha says he just wants to fight and has no real relationships here. Abhishek says you want to fight? Aishwarya tells him to go from here. Isha says he just has fake relationships. Abhishek says you are fake. Samarth tells him to get lost. Munawar drags Abhishek away but he tells Isha to look at her antics, I won’t be silent anymore. Isha says you are an animal. Isha says you are an animal. Samarth charges at him and says you won’t find anyone because of your attitude, your life is lost. Abhishek tells Isha that she is a *****. Isha says you can’t handle girls, this is your reality. Abhishek says you are a ******. Isha says you accepted that you go for one-night stands. Abhishek says you have boys coming in your life every other month. Isha says what else? Abhishek says the whole of India is seeing what you do with boys. Isha tells him to get lost, you don’t have control on yourself. Samarth says he is a crybaby. Isha says he thinks everyone is jealous of him. Abhishek says you are a liar. Isha says you are a liar, you fake everything. Aishwarya tells them to leave the kitchen. Abhishek charges at Isha and says I can expose you easily. Isha says you are a crybaby, keep crying. Abhishek says you trap boys. Samarth says he has no one to support him. Khanzaadi tells Samarth to shut up. Abhishek shouts at Isha. Samarth says no one will be with Abhishek. Isha says he can just get one-night stands.

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10:45 AM

Abhishek sits beside Isha, Vicky tells them to not bring up personal issues here. Isha says I will do it if he brings up past. Samarth comes there and sits beside them. Isha leaves from there. Abhishek tells Samarth that he will cry, you were scared today. Samarth says really? Abhishek says you are a *****. Samarth says you are a liar, you won’t find love because of your antics. Abhishek says your family is watching, keep an eye on Isha as she likes to party a lot. Give her beauty injections to make her cute. Isha says I was always cute. Abhishek says Isha is looking cute. Isha takes Samarth from there and says lets not talk to him.

11 AM

Munawar tells Aishwarya that I was requesting you only but you blasted on me. She says I am sorry, I was charged up.

Abhishek tells Anurag that I didn’t want to bring up outside things but when I fight then I lose control.

Mannara tells Munawar that they shouldn’t have fought like this, Abhishek is not able to accept Samarth here.

Abhishek taunts Isha about her beauty injections and parties. Vicky takes him aside and says to be careful about his words, it’s a family show. Isha says let him speak, it shows his reality. Samarth tells Abhishek that you started this. Abhishek says she brought up personal stuff and talked about one-night stands. I will expose her now. Isha says yes, expose me, I am ready. I wanted this only, it shows your reality. She says thank God Samarth isn’t like Abhishek. Abhishek taunts that she looks pretty after getting injections. Isha says I didn’t even have money for injections. Abhishek taunts her that you left me which made me sad. Samarth says you deserve to be left alone because you are cheap. Isha tells Abhishek to stay away from her.

12:15 PM

Samarth tells Isha that if I am talking to Abhishek then don’t tell me to stay away from him. Isha says okay. He asks her to come and sit with him. He tells her that if Abhishek’s level is low then don’t go low, he is lying and assassinating your character but since you stooped to his level then no one else is taking a stand for you. I have to stand up for you but if you stoop on his level then what can I do? he crossed limits but you did too. He is taunting me because of you. Isha says I had to answer him and defend myself. Samarth says if you become friends with him again then it won’t be good. If you stoop low then I can’t defend you. Isha says you always take everything on your ego.

Abhishek tells Munawar that he is feeling okay. Munawar says then don’t cry about her now.

Samarth tells Isha that she stooped low with Abhishek because of her ego. Isha says stop shouting at me. Samarth shouts that you were wrong when you taunted him, stop showing me ego. Isha says you are not wrong, she cries but Samarth angrily leaves.

Bigg Boss tells the housemates to choose one inmate from their house which they think deserve immunity.

Vicky tells his housemates that he thinks he deserves

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