Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 28th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Jarnail’s spirit scares Heer.

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Heer insists on seeing the veiled eunuch’s face. Another eunuch lifts the veil, revealing someone else with a burnt face. The eunuch gets angry because of Heer’s action and is about to curse the family, but Sartaj apologizes and pleads for forgiveness. Heer remembers how Jarnail attacked her. She tells everyone she has proof. Gurmeet asks Heer to let go of things. Heer says I’m telling the truth and asks Jeet to come see the broken mirror from the attack. Guests think Heer is mentally ill. Heer asks Jeet to trust her. Jeet agrees to check it with her. Guests decide to leave, saying it’s a family matter.

Heer takes Jeet to her room to show him the proof of the attack, but there’s nothing there. Jeet thinks Heer is imagining things due to stress. Heer asks him to trust her, but he doesn’t and leaves. Heer wonders how to prove it.

Jeet and Heer return to the hall. Jeet says he didn’t find anything in the room. Heer asks them to trust her. Rajwinder pleads with Heer not to spoil their happiness. Teji asks Heer why she’s doing this, as she didn’t expect it from her. Heer insists she’s not lying. Biji stops Heer and sends her to her room. Sartaj worries about Heer.

Teji asks Jeet to talk to him alone. They step aside. Rajwinder feels tense. Heer asks her sister to believe her, but she doesn’t. Heer wonders how to prove to everyone that Jarnail is alive.

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Teji asks Jeet if he and Heer are hiding anything from her and if Heer has feelings for him. Jeet stays silent.

Heer feels cold and sees smoke coming from under the door. She knocks and shouts for help. Jeet tells Teji not to overthink. Teji asks why Heer behaved that way without reason. Jeet apologizes and says he doesn’t know why Heer is acting like this. Teji wonders why Heer claims to have seen Jarnail, thinking it’s impossible since he’s dead. Jeet promises to find out the truth.

Heer finds a snake in the cupboard and panics. She sees Jarnail’s spirit and tries to catch him but fails. Jarnail’s spirit blames Heer for his death and threatens to take her to hell. Heer faints due to the smoke.

When Heer wakes up, her family asks if she’s okay. Heer insists she saw Jarnail’s spirit. Rajwinder asks her to stop hurting them. Heer insists she’s telling the truth. Teji comforts her. Sartaj and Jeet worry about Heer. Rajwinder thinks Heer is faking it to ruin her plans. She asks Jeet to promise he won’t cancel his marriage with Teji. Jeet remembers Heer’s confession and promises Rajwinder he’ll marry Teji. Rajwinder blesses him.

Precap: None