Shiv Shakti (Zee) 28th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Shakti protected Shiv from being called a murderer

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Shiv Shakti (Zee) 28th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1

Shakti gives Mandira’s phone to the inspector and asks him to investigate Gayatri’s death. Padma rushes to her room and hides her phone.

Gayatri’s last rituals start, all are sad. Ragunath recalls being harsh with her and cries. Shakti falls down and says I promise that I will bring justice to you, I won’t spare the person who did this with you. The inspector comes there and asks if she has doubts about anyone? Shakti says no but I promise to get justice for her. Gayatri’s body is taken from there.

Padma calls the inspector anonymously and says the killer is in the house only, ask about their missing son. The inspector asks Shakti where is the missing person from this family? She says I don’t know. He asks how was his relationship with Gayatri? She says he was her son, he loved her. The inspector says then why is he missing and you were locked in a room too. Shakti says you are wasting your time here. The inspector gets a call again and Padma says he is on the right track, he should check the phone he got from the room. The inspector asks Shakti to open Shiv’s phone but she says I don’t know his password but I can guess, she guesses it and it unlocks. The inspector says we are one step closer to the truth now. He checks his phone and sees someone unknown sending him a video. He plays the goon’s video and says Gayatri killed Shiv’s first wife so he might have killed her in anger. Shakti says this video is fake. Mandira thinks if he finds Shiv’s message to me then I am in trouble. The phone battery dies. The inspector tells Shakti that if she gets to know about Shiv then she has to inform them. He leaves. Mandira tells Shakti that she shouldn’t have given the phone to Shiv, they have a motive for him murdering Gayatri now. Shakti says you also want him to be jailed right? Dadi tells them to stop it, Gayatri has been killed and Shiv is a prime suspect. Shiv is missing so I am worried. She asks Shakti if she knows where he is? She says yes, I know. The flashback shows how Shakti was locked in the room and said she has to save Shiv from the police. She jumped from the window and went to Gayatri’s room. Shiv was sitting there with the dead Gayatri, Shakti took away the knife from him and wiped his fingerprints, she took Shiv from there. The flashback ends. Dadi asks Shakti where is he? She says I can’t tell you. Ragunath says he is our son. Shakti says he is my husband and don’t worry, he is safe. I will make sure the real culprit is found and get justice for Gayatri. Mandira tells Padma to arrange for food. They all go to take a rest. Shakti thinks to expose Mandira soon.

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The episode ends.