Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Anita Suspects Vibhuti And Chandni

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Anu goes back to her house and Tiwari follows her. Tiwari says that he wasn’t trying to persuade her against Vibhu. Anu asks David if he was present in the gathering yesterday? David says that he was too faded and wasn’t aware about the surroundings, he’s not sure if he was present. Anu and Tiwari say that he was there in the gathering. Tiwari tells David that something happened in the meeting yesterday. David asks what? Tiwari asks if he noticed anything in the gathering? David denies. Tiwari asks if he noticed some chemistry between Vibhu and Chandni. Tiwari explains everything to David. David says Vibhu sings songs for everyone but it doesn’t mean that he has fallen for Chandni. Anu says that she’s still doubtful and suspects Vibhu. David says that they should organise another gathering. Anu denies.

Tillu and Teeka are slapping each other and Chandni is looking at them. Teeka and Tillu faints. Vibhu shows up and sits with Chandni. Both of them starts flirting with each other again. Chandni says that her ankle is aching. Vibhu asks if he shall carry her to the house. Chandni agrees. Vibhu picks up Chandni. Saxena shows up and asks Vibhu if he isn’t ashamed? Vibhu says that he’s just helping this poor lady. Saxena says that he doesn’t like it. Vibhu takes Chandni with him.

Tiwari is ready and Angoori shows. Angoori asks that just now they held a party, and now they are organising one. Tiwari says that it’s a very positive gesture, or else, Anu will think that they are just freeloaders. David, Anu and Vibhu shows up and sits with Tiwari and Angoori. Tiwari greets everyone. Vibhu asks if Chandni is coming? Anu looks at Vibhu. Anu asks Vibhu that why is he worried for Chandni? Vibhu says that he’s generous for everyone. Chandni shows up and Vibhu gets elated. Vibhu goes up her. David brings Vibhu back. Chandni settles down and Anu pulls Vibhu towards herself. Tiwari starts making jokes in the gathering. Vibhu and Chandni starts chatting with each other. Anu starts suspecting Vibhu again, and David also looks at Vibhu. Tiwari completes his joke and nobody laughs because everyone is busy looking at Vibhu and Chandni. Chandni says that she’s feeling hungry. Vibhu gets up and leaves for the kitchen to bring her food. Anu gets shocked.

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Vibhu starts serving the food and Angoori comes inside the kitchen. Angoori says that she will serve the food, there’s no need to serve by himself. Vibhu rudely replies to Angoori and tells her to go back or else, he will leave the gathering with Chandni. Angoori goes back. Chandni shows up and kisses Vibhu. Saxena again spots him and Chandni.

Everyone proceeds with the dinner. Vibhu and Chandni gazes at each other. Vibhu and Chandni purposely drops the spoon and goes inside the table at the same time. Both of them comes back and sits on the table again.

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