Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 11th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Savi Misunderstands Ishan

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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 11th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Shantanu sees Isha awake and asks if she didn’t sleep yet. Ishan says she is worried for Ishan. Shantanu says he has messaged Ishan to call him back. Isha says she will call Savi as she was at the auditorium with her friends when they let, maybe she knows about Ishan. Savi calls her and says she trusted her more than herself. Isha asks what happened. Savi asks if her friends or Shantanu invited her for the party. Isha says Ishan invited her. Savi says she is so much angry on Ishan. Isha says she should be happy that he organized such a good party. Savi says he just did party or else he would have stayed back till the end and met her grandmother, he considers himself as a king and her as a poor citizen and does charity to her. Isha asks her to calm down. Savi says Ishan does unnecessary favors on her and takes decisions on her behalf, he considers himself superior than everyone and does unnecessary favors. Isha tries to calm her down. Savi disconnects call. Isha tells Shantanu that she told him that Savi will be hurt with Ishan’s act.

Ishan returns home and finds Shantanu’s multiple calls. He calls back Shantanu, apologizes him, and says he will come inside and speak to him. Shantanu says he is not at home and will speak to him tomorrow. He informs Isha that her dear one has returned home. Ishan enters home and thinks everyone is asleep. Surekha switches on light and says she heard what he did in college today. Ishan says he did wrong by planning a birthday hiding from her. Surekha says he did a big mistake by calling Isha and inviting her here. Ishan apologizes Surekha. Surekha expresses her disappointment towards him and says she realized today that she doesn’t matter to him and only Isha matters to him, he matters to her though and she is shattered with his act, so it’s better they both don’t talk from hereon. Ishan requests her not to do that. Surekha says she can’t die suffocating with his lies and walks away. Ishan blames Savi for everything.

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Savi walks to canteen and asks it’s owner who cleared her bills. Owner hesitates. Savi says she knows it’s Ishan and takes money from him. Bhosales get ready to visit Durva’s in-laws’ house. Shikha says she already packed fruits and sweets. Surekha yells at her that she did ask her for the gifts of her standards and asks her to get gold coins. Yashwant asks her to take even silver coins as they will fix Durva’s sakharpuda/engagement today. Ishan walks to them and says even he is ready. Surekha says everyone who are important for Durva are here except Shantanu who must be busy in his important work and someone else can go and teach his favorite student. Shikha brings gold coins. Durva asks her if she is not yet ready. Shikha says she will in 2 minutes. Surekha orders her not to come and make preparations for the festival. Shikha stands sadly.

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