Anupama 11th November 2023 Written Episode Update


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Anupama says I am your Buddy’s wife, if I was not related to him, then he wouldn’t have known you. She says I would have said the same thing if it was Adhik or your money. Pakhi says I am not an idiot. Anupama says I didn’t know and says you are spendthrift to the extent of ruining of her home, and you are not an idiot, she says you are married and acts as a child and wants to buy everything and is not an idiot, and says you are educated, but don’t want to work and sit idle at home and asks if she is not idiot then what she is? Pakhi says she buys things to forget her pain. Anupama says there are easy ways to forget the pain, and asks her to sit in temple, exercise, or help any organization and says she will get blessings if she helps someone, and says she wants to use her shopping habit as a excuse. Pakhi says if Dimpy had shopped then you would have talked about woman empowerment and that widow is forgetting the pain. Anupama asks her why she takes Dimpy’s name and says she is not shopping with other credit card, and says she is fulfilling your brother’s aim. Pakhi says atleast Dimpy has any aim to live, but I don’t have any live. Anupama tells that motherhood is the big happiness, but you shall not present your pain, but to face it. She asks her to learn something online, and get talented. She asks her to do something for people, animal etc, and asks her to go and work with Anuj again. She says you will get peace for some moment, but not for forever. She asks her to live for herself before living for baby. She asks her to give the credit card. Dimpy says I will give to Buddy. Anupama takes it and cuts it, and asks her to clear all the mess.

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