Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Kashvi catches child trafficking racket, Mahima uses Karun

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Kashvi asking Nurse to come with her. The Doctor comes there and aims gun at Kashvi. She says this is our business and we are running from a long time, and says we will not let it ruin. Jeweller tells Arjun, you have sold everything and just this necklace is left for you. Arjun says he doesn’t have any option and wants money for my son’s fees. The jeweller says you have sold all the jewellery and diamonds, and this necklace is your mother’s last safe keeping and asks her to keep it. Arjun says I want to give good education to my son Karun. The jeweller tells that it doesn’t matter where you study, but what matters is the values which the child gets from his parents. He asks him not to feel bad. Arjun says no, you have helped me a lot and knows my house situation. Mahima calls Arjun and says Karun is threatening to jump. Arjun asks from where? Mahima ends the call. Arjun thinks Mahima always does this. Kashvi asks them to surrender and says this act is inhuman. The doctor asks her to get ready to die. Kashvi asks them to surrender. Doctor says your reverse countdown has started. She hits Doctor and slaps Nurse. Doctor holds Kashvi and attacks her. Nurse tries to run away with the baby. Kashvi sees Nurse running away with the baby and slaps Doctor. She runs to Nurse and pushes her, and takes the baby. Doctor tries to snatch the baby. Kashvi keeps the baby in the cradle and fights with Doctor and Nurse. Soon 4 goons come there and shout at Kashvi. Doctor asks the goons to beat her. Kashvi beats the goons and make them fall down. The baby’s mother comes there crying for her baby. Kashvi says your baby is safe. Nurse takes the gun and aims at the mother and baby and asks them to give the baby. Kashvi asks the mother to give baby to them, and says atleast baby will be alive. She gives baby in Doctor’s hand.

Doctor is about to escape with Nurse, when Kashvi uses fire extinguisher and sprays on their face. Doctor drops the baby. Kashvi catches him. Police reaches there and arrests Doctor, Nurse and all the goons. The goon tells that they will come back and take revenge. The Inspector says you will be in jail. The baby’s mother thanks Kashvi and says you must be a good mother. Kashvi says I didn’t get this boon to be a mother, and asks her to take care of her child and her. She goes to car and sees someone.

Arjun comes home and calls Mahima and Karun. He sees Karun sitting on the almira. Mahima asks Karun to tell what he needs? Karun says he needs smart phone. Mahima tells that Karun will feel humiliated in school if he doesn’t have smart phone and says we shall get it for him. Arjun says no, he is just a small boy and his admission is not done yet. Mahima recalls Karun coming to her and a fb is shown. Karun comes to her and asks her to sing lori. Mahima says she doesn’t know lori and asks him not to irritate her and asks go. He asks her to play lori on the phone. Mahima says this phone is old and not latest. She then thinks to use him like always and get whatever she wants from Arjun. She then stops Karun and says I will play lori. She acts as if it is not good, and asks him to demand smart phone from his dad. Karun says I will ask, but he will give me. Mahima says he will not give it easily and asks him to climb on the almira, and threaten to jump down when Arjun comes. She asks him not to be scared. Fb ends. Mahima smirks and says Karun is so spoilt because of me and she can get anything using him. She says if Arjun doesn’t agree then Karun will jump down. Karun jumps and Arjun catches and hugs him. He says you might get fracture and asks him to promise that he will not do this again. Karun looks at Mahima and runs out. Mahima asks Arjun to bring her son back. Arjun goes.

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Mahima says good job Karun, you are working on Plan B. She says you are not my son, but agrees to my all sayings. She says he is kashvi’s son, but I spoilt him so much that his demand will be fulfilled. She says Arjun doesn’t know that I use Karun like I used Kashvi for my happiness, I am using Karun for fulfilling my luxuries.

Kashvi asks Dadi, why did she come here, and says I was here for sting operation. She asks why you have come here, if anything had happened to you. Dadi asks if anything happens to you, and tells that she would have refused to come on this mission. Kashvi says this mission was sensitive, and tells that they didn’t come back to Faridabad after they left, but she came back for this mission.

Precap: Karun comes to the shop, steals mobile and runs away. Arjun is searching him. Kashvi tells Dadi that she don’t want her past to come infront of her. Karun comes infront of the tempo and Kashvi saves and hugs him. Arjun sees Kashvi hugging Karun.