Faltu 29th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Ayyan apologizes to Faltu


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The Episode starts with Ayaan saying I will fulfill Faltu’s dream. Janardhan asks how will you do this, association has banned her, I told her not to do anything in anger. Ayaan says I will do whatever it takes. Janardhan asks Savita not to interfere in Ayaan’s life. He says you forgot she stood by us and saved Maa and me, she freed Ayaan from jail, I want her to come back home, I won’t tolerate a word against her. Faltu hurts her finger while cutting the vegs. Kaka stops her. She says let me do the work to distract myself. Neil says we won’t have a deal with Mittals, I m making business expansion plan to cover the loss. Dada ji laughs. Neil says you chose JM mart, I spoiled everything, I m sorry, I have ashamed you once again. Dada ji says I remember the old Neil. Neil says Faltu and my pain is the same. Dada ji says I told you. They joke and laugh. Dada ji says don’t trouble her, we should make her feel comfortable. Neil says her face will be the same. Kaka says Faltu isn’t letting me work in kitchen, she is angry, she got a cut on her finger, explain her. Neil says I will talk to her. Dada ji says don’t fight with her. Neil goes. Kaka says Faltu has much love for her husband in her eyes, I think we all should help them unite.

Ayaan tries to make Faltu’s career. He requests the man to give a chance to Faltu. The man ends the call. Ayaan angrily throws the phone. Tanu comes. She says I will talk to Mukta and try to convince her to remove the ban on Faltu, do you think Faltu will take this favor, I don’t think she wants to keep any relation. He says I accept any punishment, I did wrong with her. He goes. She gets angry.

Neil sees Faltu. He acts funny and makes her smile. They argue. He says I agree with you, Ayaan is ill mannered, you shouldn’t stay with him, smile, you look like Chudail when you are sad, I love Dada ji a lot, I want you to come with me to a party just to make Dada ji happy, don’t thank me. She says shut up, I m not interested, get lost. He says you are ill-mannered. Dada ji comes and says you came to convince her or spoil her mood. Neil says I m going to a happening party, just think if I get drunk and fall somewhere, if Faltu comes with me, then you won’t be worried. He winks to him. Dada ji says yes, you go with him. Faltu asks why, stop him. He says go to the party with him, I will be relieved. She says you want to make me happy, sorry, I don’t want to go anywhere. She goes. Kaka asks for who did you get this. The man says the bouquets are for Faltu Mittal. Dada ji says I think Ayaan has sent this. Neil and Faltu see Ayaan and Faltu’s pics. Faltu says I don’t want all this. Ayaan comes wearing a sorry tshirt. She says Neil, we will go to a party tonight. She goes. Kinshuk is on call. He says Ayaan has bought some flowers and asked me to make the payment. They ask why did he buy the flowers. Sid says I think it’s a good thing, Ayaan bought the flowers for Faltu. Tanu asks what’s this kiddish thing, I will talk to Ayaan. Sid asks why are you against them. She says because we have seen how Faltu insulted him, she won’t come back. Sumitra says we started finding a girl for Ayaan.

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Sid says Ayaan asked us to stay away from this matter. Kaka says Ayaan isn’t leaving, he is standing outside, he isn’t taking any food, ask him to come inside and sit, he may fall sick. Dada ji asks how shall I call him, Faltu isn’t understanding. Faltu asks what. Dada ji says Ayaan is stubborn, he is standing outside, call him inside. She says no need, I will go to the party.

She comes to Neil and says I m ready for the party. Neil says I didn’t say about Satsang. She says I will go and wear my old clothes. He says fine, come. Sid and Kinshuk make a nice plan. Tanu asks what’s going on. Sid says nothing, boys talk. She says tell me the truth. They hear Sumitra telling about the girl. Tanu thinks I can’t let Ayaan become of anyone. Sid asks them to stop it. Savita says Sumitra, call the girl’s family, Ayaan will get remarried. Sid says we have to unite Ayaan and Faltu. Kinshuk calls Ayaan and gives the idea. Dada ji says Ayaan will fall sick, forgive him. Ayaan says let it be, if she doesn’t care, then its okay, she hates me. She asks him to go home. He says I won’t go without taking her. Faltu asks Dada ji to decide what to do. Neil says she is right, if anyone stands outside our house, he is not our responsibility. Neil and Faltu leave.

Faltu cares for Ayaan. She says you think I will forgive you. He says tell me what to do. She gets scared of thunder and hugs him.