Actor Rushal Parakh reflects on his memorable journey as a Vampire in the fantasy show Bekaboo

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Actor Rushal Parakh reflects on his memorable journey as a Vampire in the fantasy show Bekaboo

In the enthralling world of the TV show Bekaboo, actor Rushal Parakh has mesmerized audiences with his portrayal of a captivating vampire. As the show nears its conclusion, Rushal shared his feelings about bidding farewell to this unforgettable experience in a recent interivew.

Having joined the cast in March of this year, Rushal was well aware that Bekaboo was a finite series. However, this knowledge did not dampen his disappointment when the time came for the show to wrap up. Throughout the six months of filming, the cast and crew had formed a close-knit family, making the final day of shooting a bittersweet moment for Rushal.

Reflecting on his journey, Rushal expresses that Bekaboo was unlike any other project he had undertaken. Filmed amidst scenic jungles and mountains, the fantasy show offered a unique and enjoyable shooting experience, setting it apart from the typical daily soap productions. Saying goodbye to such a cherished project felt akin to leaving a part of himself behind. Nonetheless, Rushal acknowledges that growth and learning are integral to his profession, and each project contributes to his development as an actor.

uring the show’s run, Rushal developed a strong bond with co-star Shalin Bhanot, who played a lead role. On their first day of shooting together, Rushal was initially nervous about performing a college scene where he had to hit Shalin. However, Shalin’s warm and friendly demeanor quickly put him at ease, encouraging him to perform the scene with authenticity. Their camaraderie blossomed as they shared their experiences on and off the set.

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Apart from Bekaboo, Rushal Parakh’s acting credits include notable appearances in shows like Tu Aashiqui, Kavach, and Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya.

As the curtains draw to a close on Bekaboo, Rushal Parakh’s portrayal of the enigmatic vampire will remain etched in the memories of viewers, leaving them eagerly anticipating his next captivating performance.