Titli 29th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Titli and Garv’s missed meeting


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The Episode starts with Koel scolding Titli. Garv says how can she think I don’t care about her. He cries. Titli cries and tells everything to Jaishri. Jaishri says this wasn’t needed, just go and show your love to him, don’t get angry. She wishes everything gets fine. Hiral hears her and thinks I won’t let anything get fine. Manikant says we will go and apologize to Monica’s inlaws. Dhrishti says Monica has left the family chat. He gets angry. Dhara says Garv did wrong with Titli. Alpa says no need to take her side. Titli calls Garv. She messages him and reminds his promise. He calls back. She asks are you okay. He says yes, tell me what do you want to talk. She says you know it, shall I come there to talk. He says no need. She reminds his promise. He says okay. Baa asks Hiral to reheat the tea and get it. Paresh refuses to have it. Baa says we should stay away from Titli’s Sasural. Hiral thinks see what I do now. Titli hears Koel and Alpa talking about her.

Koel says I will keep the Chulha rasam today. She asks the pandit to come. Titli thinks to message Garv. Koel asks her to come to kitchen for rasam. She takes Titli. Hiral says see how you and your family pay a price for insulting my family. She sees inspector bashing the man and asking him to admit the truth. Hiral says I came to file a domestic violence complaint against Garv Mehta. Constable says Garv is a lawyer. Hiral says he doesn’t behave good with his wife, I can’t call his wife. Constable says we can’t file a case without the victim’s statement. Inspector stops her and says we aren’t scared of lawyers. Koel says Garv likes the suji halwa. Titli adds much water in the halwa. Koel says you will spoil this rasam also. Titli gets busy. Garv waits for her.

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He says ask Mahajan to wait, my wife is coming. She says but its an imp meeting. He stares. She says sorry and goes. Inspector says you mean Garv raised hand on his wife. Hiral says yes. He says fine, we will see. She thanks him and goes. Inspector says Garv, it will be fun now. Titli sees the clock. She takes salt. Koel stops her and says its salt. She scolds Titli. Titli says I have to go and meet Garv. Koel says you want to fight with him, I will call him and tell him you won’t come. Titli thinks sorry Garv, I couldn’t come, Koel will inform you. Garv thinks why didn’t Titli come. Koel goes to call Garv. He throws things and gets angry. He says ask the client to leave. Hiral comes to office. He sees the time and scolds her.

The staff talks about Garv and Titli. Manikant and Maina come to meet Adi’s parents. They apologize. Adi and Monica come. Adi’s dad says Monica can stay as our bahu or Garv’s sister, she may also misbehave like him. Manikant says you can slap her if she misbehaves, we won’t say anything. Garv comes home. He sees Titli. Koel says I was worried for you. Pandit leaves. Titli keeps the bhog and prays. She says I m sorry, I couldn’t come because of rasam. He stops her.
Garv sees a truck coming towards Titli. He pushes her and meets with an accident. Titli shouts Garv.