Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 9th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Shishupal and Shamla come to seek help from Bhim

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Sethji says if Bhim Rao thinks like this that the energy he wastes by thinking of others is immense and if he works on himself then can change the life of his own family by building a new house and other things for them, Sethji says that if they take a lot of responsibilities then their life becomes small, Bhim informs when he was working in seventh grade then had a teacher who had a habit of working in his farm but even the farm of his neighbors that too for free, so he asked Guru jee why does he do it for free which is when the teacher informed that it would not be nice if his neighbors farm is not green and it is good if they scent goes far away, Bhim says his fight is not for wealth but his people so he will achieve everything with them and even if his path is small then would be very memorable with his family which is he waking towards, Sethji says then it would even got to the localities of the upper class then what at that moment, Bhim replies they will surely find people like Shishupal otherwise would keep struggling but they will never stop, Bhim requests Sethji to support them if their desire even reaches their village, Bhim asks if he can go when Sethji says he would find a way so after picking the clothes agrees to let him go.

Shishupal is walking with Shamla saying he does not understand from where to purchase that can build their hut, he informs he wants to start a new life which has new teachings and principles, while even the meaning of life is new. Shamla says then he should wash his old crimes and it is better if they donot have the stains of their past, Shishupal does not understand when Shamla says what he did with the people of Bhim Rao was a crime, Shishupal asks for a way so Shamla informs she has a plan, but first they would go to Bhim Rao then go back to his Chawl.

Bhim Rao reaches the house of Meghnat and starts calling Shishupal when Meghnat replies that Shishupal does not live here as he has forced Shishupal to struggle just like him, Meghnat further says that Bhim claims he does not snatch anything when it is wrong as he snatched his own son, Bhim replies it is wrong because Meghnat only held the stick while had he held the relations and the hand of both his son and daughter in law with the same strength then would not have to reveal his pain. Meghnat furiously throws the metal rod which hits the clay pot behind Bhim causing it to break, Bhim keeps staring at Meghnat saying he should not be so furious but must think if for him his fake pride is more important then his own son or daughter in law. Meghnat after sitting is thinking how Bhim told him.

Ramji asks if they donot have any shame as they forced Puran to leave, Jija Bai asks what is wrong because Puran has gone to search for some work and he would not be a burden on either Bhim or Rama which will be better for them. Shishupal and Shamla both reach the Chawl saying they need help, everyone is looking shocked at them. Shamla reveals they are homeless and need to build a hut for which they need their help, Jija Bai says they managed to send one of them to find work but the others came asking for help, Jaggu says that those who was once the prince of this place has come to seek help. Janardhan says that they are behaving like this when they were once wealthy.

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Nandu with a smile welcomes them both saying how Bhim always says they should always welcome, Phulari says that Nandu has gotten so old but is always talking of Bhim, Deepak agrees with Phulari then asks his mother to make some tea for both Shishupal and Shamla. Jija Bai warns Deepak that his life will be ruined as he keeps following Bhim. Meera walks with Ramji to welcome Shishupal into their Chawl. Shishupal is not able to raise his head and slowly starts walking ahead.Shishupal even remember when he forced Nandu to clean his shoes otherwise threatening to kill him, Meera asks why did he stop suddenly, Shishupal starts crying, Meera asks he is crying. Shamla mentions he cannot bear the burden of his actions as he always came to beat and torture them all while for the first time has come to form new relations.

Lakshmi requests the manager to not do it because if they would not hep then who is going to do it, the manager says they all always demand help. The worker comes saying that Shishupal and Shamla have gone to the Chawl of Bhim Rao demanding help to build a hut, Rama tells the manager that not only the people of lower class need help so if he cannot help Lakshmi di then he should not at least insult her, Karuna says that had she been nice with everyone in the house then would not have come to beg, Rama says they should leave the arguments of the house but Karuna refuses, the manager thinks they are not on the same page so he vows to take advantage of it because then he will get his revenge, he recalls when Mr Puranwala threatened to take him to the court. The manager agrees to give her money but in the evening, he says he is going to come after a while but until then she must look after the work.

Shamla asks Shishupal to take care of himself and Meera welcomes him, Shishupal is about to fall but Bhim Rao comes to help him Bhim holding the hands of Shishupal says how can they let him stumble and fall, even when they are called as lower but their hearts are very big which can hold an entire world. Bhim says their life is always changing but their hands are very strong to form relations, Bhim asks him to come while they will talk having tea, he holding the hand of Shishupal takes him inside and asks Shishupal to sit on the chair so he sits with Shamla. Deepak gives them both tea which they start drinking while Bhim is smiling along with Ramji, Meera, Shoba and Deepak. Ramji asks Meera if she is seeing how their Bhim in his life has managed to hold the hands of a lot people from the upper class and bring them to his life which will be the real earning of his life. Jaggu says he is tensed how furious Meghant would be and they might have to see his frustration, Bhim gets worried.