Dabangii 9th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Jaanrao rescues Arya

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The Episode starts with Zai saying dad will come, right. Satya says it’s the truth, Ankush has become a martyr. Bela says its my mistake, I asked Arya to make you win, Ankush would have been here with us. Zai recalls Arya and Ankush. Kasturi takes Tanmay to Satya and says you are his only heir now, this is your place. Jaanrao comes to Arya and takes her in the car. He says I won’t let anything happen to you, keep your eyes open, we will reach the doctor. Satya recalls Arya. Aai and Baba come to him. She scolds him. She says I got blind in your love, I didn’t know, you are a devil. Baba says I will not leave you, Satya, stay away from Zai and Bela. Satya says you mourn for your son’s loss, Arya is also gone, don’t do timepass here. He threatens her. Aai says you lied to me, I know, you have killed Ankush and Arya. Arya gets treated in the hospital. Satya says say it inside this room, if you say it outside, then the entire family will be finished, let me go, I have to mourn for my brother and daughter, I also need my own space. He goes. Aai cries and says I made a big mistake, I lost Ankush, Satya can’t be my son. Baba consoles her. Bela recalls Ankush. She hugs his uniform. She says its my mistake, you and Arya got punished for my mistake, I m so sorry. She cries. Baba and Aai look on and cry.

Aai hugs Bela and cries. Ankush is alive. After one week, Tanmay’s birthday celebrations go on. Bela sits sad and recalls Satya’s words. Zai comes to her. She asks Bela to talk to her. She says I m your Zai. Kasturi sees Maina and Bela sad. She smiles. Jaanrao asks doctor about Arya. Doctor says I can’t tell anything, just keep patience. Jaanrao asks him to save her at any cost. Doctor says there is no improvement in her. Jaanrao says its risky to keep her here, I have to take her out of Pune. Doctor says I have to monitor her, trust me, I won’t let this news go out. Jaanrao says I know you, if staff leaks this news, then Satya will kill her, you are my childhood friend, save Arya. Doctor says don’t worry, I will handle the staff, no one will know. Jaanrao says I will save you from Satya and give you a new life. Baba says Arya got a new hope in our lives, Bela and Zai had to leave the house. Aai cries and says Satya has killed Ankush and Arya, I left the family and husband for Satya’s sake, I don’t want to stay with him, but we have to stay for Bela and Zai’s sake. Doctor stops the nurses from going inside the room. Jaanrao asks Arya to open her eyes. He says you have to live for your mum and Ankush, they gave their lives for your sake, open your eyes. He cries.

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Nurse says Satya, your niece is admitted here. Satya comes there to see Arya. Jaanrao hides and looks on.