Mera Balam Thanedaar 9th February 2024 Written Episode Update

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Mera Balam Thanedaar 9th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Devender seeing Gita sitting and asks her to get up, holds her hand. Veer asks him to leave Maa’s hand and requests him not to behave this way with Maa. He says Maa asked me not to work, but I asked her to sit as she is hurt. Devender says we dont let our damad move even his hand in our house, we are Rajwada. Veer asks what is the use of such customs, when the woman of the house is not respected and given the equal respect, happiness etc. He says you would have read in the holy books that a woman is the avatar of Adishakti, and requests him to respect her, and don’t call her by bad names. Divya tells Bulbul that her life has brighten up, as she got such a good husband and sasural without saas. Dhristi thinks Bulbul got lucky and I got unlucky. Bulbul sees her and hugs her. She makes her sit to have food beside Veer, but Veer gets up and asks Bulbul to sit beside her sister. They sit to have food. Veer gets a call and asks them to tell the birthdate of Bulbul to make marriage certificate. Gita says 2006. Bulbul says you made me 1 year younger. Gita says sorry 2005. Amber helps Veer wash his hands, and goes to bring towel. Dhristi comes there and gives him towel. He turns to go. Dhristi says you couldn’t live without me, and now you are ignoring me. She asks what is changed between us. He says our relation have changed, what we had is our past, and says now you are my wife’s sister, and I am ready to live my life with her. He asks her not to touch him again and says they dont have any relation now.

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Gita comes to the temple and feels guilty of hiding truth from Bulbul and Veer. Bulbul comes there and gives her swear to tell the truth. Gita tells her that her age is less than 18 years, and she is a minor. Bulbul is shocked. Gita asks her to handle herself. Bulbul asks what you are saying? Gita says forgive me, your Baba saa, and I have done a big mistake and says you are not 19, but 17.5 years old. Bulbul says I have passed 12th std and asks how can I be 17.5 years old. Gita tells about the govt plan for free admission for the girls who are born then, and that’s why her father increased her age in school. Bulbul says that’s why I failed in the class for 2 years. She recalls getting insulted by the school teacher and her classmates. She tells Gita that her teacher and friends used to insult her, as I couldn’t understand what is written in the books, and my teacher used to say that she is foolish and used to make fun of her. She says she used to get angry, but used to laugh with them. She says she is getting angry on her.

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