Doree 1st March 2024 Written Episode Update: Agni agrees to go with Doree

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Maya walks towards Rukmani. Neelu throws chilli powder on Maya and runs away with Rukmani. Mansi notices Sudha feeling dizzy and wonders if she’s pregnant, but Sudha dismisses the idea due to their family issues. Mansi plans to pray for Sudha’s well-being during Maha Shivratri.

Doree says to Agni that she won the game and now he has to come with her, but Maya protests, saying he shouldn’t go with Doree. However, Agni agrees, believing in the rules. Doree insists she’ll help him remember everything, but Agni warns her to stay away. Maya decides to stay with him, suspecting Kailashi Devi’s involvement.

Anand receives a call from Komal informing him about Mahendra transferring all assets to his elder son, leaving Anand confused. Rukmani encounters Neelu and asks about Ganga Prasad’s alleged murder, giving her a ring as a bribe.

Neelu plans to secure her unborn child’s future as the heir to the family. Doree decorates the house, and Nani prepares Ganga Prasad’s favorite food. Agni talks to Maya about her sick husband and Agni asks her to stay here not come with him. Maya says she can’t loose him again and will go with him.

Anand confronts Neelu about the ring, suspecting her of theft, and Neelu reveals Rukmani’s connection to Ganga Prasad and her attempt to kill him. Doree overhears their conversation. Doree says to them that you both wanted to kill my father.

Precap: Neelu says to Agni that you and me had a secret affair. Doree stops her and says she is lying and tells how Neelu and Anand wanted to kill her father.

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