Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 19th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Hitesh goes to jail.

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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 19th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Bhim Rao tells Sethji that he is trying to prove something with wrong tools. Sethji questioned. Bhim Rao was just answering his question. He sends Bhim Rao to work. Sethji tells that Bhim Rao’s people can only be taught by force.

Women of the upper caste were waiting to beat Lakshmi and Karuna.

Lakshmi and Karuna insisted to go to work. Anand wants them to change their route, till upper caste cools down. Lakshmi will not fear anyone, will fight back. Bala agrees with Anand. Karuna questions. Bala is worried for his wife, he can fight anyone, but can’t let them to hurt. Anand and Bala wanted to accompany. Karuna forbids them from following.

Just when the women thought that Karuna and Lakshmi will not come, they arrived. A woman tells that they are in huge numbers, since defeat is absolute its better for Lakshmi and Karuna to leave. Karuna leaves.

Bala and Karuna were leaving to find work. Hitesh taunt Bala for being a coward, he sent his wife to work, eat from her earning. Hitesh heard words about Bala being brave, but instead he sent his wife to fight. Bala and Hitesh engage in a fight, the chawl members tried to stop them. Hitesh picks a rock and hits Bala on the head. Bala bleeds, was rushed to the hospital.
The women were about to attack but Lakshmi and Karuna bowed instead of fighting back. They ask if Karuna and Lakshmi fears them. Lakshmi and Karuna fought yesterday, will continue to do so, being Bhim Rao’s family they can not change the route, has to earn for their living, but death would stop that. The world will know that few women gathered and killed two women. The men accused Lakshmi and Karuna for manipulating. Karuna tells that as women fighting is not there priority. The men grabbed their tools to kill Lakshmi and Karuna.

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Sethji tells Bhim Rao that the stubborn behavior would end the lower caste. Vaijnath enters the office agreeing to Sethji. He is here with a good news, gives him rice pudding to eat before.

The women stop their men from killing Lakshmi and Karuna. The women protect Lakshmi and Karuna, they send them away. The women cannot let another woman die, they fight their husbands for it.

Vaijnath asks Bhim Rao how he feels after sitting on the floor, he must hate people sitting on chairs. Bhim Rao doesn’t like anyhting above and beyond him. Bhim Rao differs, he wants equality. Vaijnath taunts, he looks at Bhim Rao with worst thoughts. This chair brings him pride and opportunity while the lower caste dies striving for two meals. The upper caste lives and enjoy, while the lower caste dies in vain. Sethji loves the rice pudding, wants to know the happy occasion. Vaijnath fells from the chair, he was felt humiliated. He tells Sethji that the women have planned to kill Lakshmi and Karuna. Deepak enters the office. Vaijnath asks him about the event, he tells that women fought their husbands in order to protect Lakshmi and Karuna. Sethji leaves. Bhim Rao advises Vaijnath to stat intact with earth, one should rise beyond their capacity. Vaijnath leaves. Deepak tells him about Bala’s injury.
Ramji question Hitesh for hurting their own people. Joku, Janardan and Manohar stand with Ramji on this, they don’t support Hitesh. Bhim Rao brings police to have Hitesh arrested for attacking Bala. Janardan and Joku wants Bhim Rao to solve the matter within the chawl. Bhim Rao considers it a crime, the police takes Hitesh away. HItesh threatens to return as an enemy. Bhim Rao inquires about Bala’s health. Joku tells Bhim Rao that Jijabai will tell him about justice once he returns,

The Episode Ends.