Parineeti 19th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Gurpreet goes back in coma

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Scene 1
Taxi comes. Neeti says let’s go. Daljit says when will these people come back. He gets a call. Daljit says yes bhai? He says don’t call me bhai. Daljit says I will return your money. He says I will not let you die without my money. I know where you are. In Bajwa house and partying. You’ve time till 12. Otherwise my goon will pick you. Daljit is scared.

Gurpreet is scared. Someone comes to the room. Gurpreet says Pari thank God you caame. Bebe wants to kill me. Come here. She comes near, it’s Salojna and Shamu. Gurpreet is shocked and scared. Gurpreet made that plan with Salojna. Salojna says you will die with ease now. Shilpa says there will be no pain. You will sleep forever with this injection. Salojna says give me the injection. I will do it myself. Pari and family also reach the hospital. Gurpreet is scared. Someone comes at the door. Salojna looks there. Gurpreet hides. Salojna asks where did she go? Someone is helping her for sure. They ask Shilpa and Shamu to look for her. the nurse saves her. Gurpreet and the nurse are under the bed. Shilpa finds them. They put something on their mouths. Pari and family come there. They wonder where is Gurpreet. Pami checks the bathroom. Shamu gives Gurpreet injection. He faints. Pami says no one is inside. Shamu sneaks out. They look around. Sanju sees Shilpa with the other nurse. Sanju asks what happened? She says the nurse fainted. So I came here to help her. Sanju helps her pick the nursse. They go out. salojna comes there. Pami says bebe? What are you doing here? salojna says what is Gurpreet doing under the bed? Everyone is shocked. Pari picks Gupreet. They call the doctor.

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Pari screams and says call the doctor. Open your eyes. The doctor comes there. She checks Gurpreet. She says go out please. Pari cries.

Scene 2
Gurinder takes the doctor to Salojna’s room. she says Salojna wasn’t well so I called a doctor. The lawyer calls Tao ji to inform him about Daljit. Tao ji’s phone gets off. Shilpa brings the nurse to the other room and leaves her there. Neeti says did Shilpa do all this? What’s happening? The doctor sees nurse in the other room. She checks her. The doctor says it’s the same nurse who was with gurpreet. She says it’s an emergency. The doctor checks. She says come with me. Neeti wonders what’s happening. Sanju says let’s go.

Gurinder says where is Salojna? She looks around. Gurinder wonders where did she go? SHe asks her to go. Pari asks the doctor what happened? She says the nurse told me Gurpreet wanted to meet Pari. I know you all wanted to meet her. I never thought she could come out of coma. Her condition is worse than before. How did she come out of coma and got back? Pari says she’s in coma again? The doctor says yes and it will take longer. Pari cries. Pari thinks about her mom and cries. Neeti comes there. Pari hugs her and cries. She says don’t cry. Everything will be fine. Pari says when will mummy ji be okay? I can never forgive myself. Neeti says it’s all my fault. Pari says I called her here. Pari cries. Neeti hugs her. Sanju comes there.

episode ends