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Day 4
8 AM
the contestants wake up to BB anthem and gather in the garden. They all sing and dance to it.

8:45 AM
Navid asks Jigna bhai if she had good sleep? She says no.. she tells him pronounciation of her name and says I am didi, not bhai. Soniya teaches him some hindi too.

9:30 AM
Rinku asks Mannara about tea. Mannara says Soniya told me that you didn’t need tea. Soniya says you don’t understand what I said.. you all can take tea. Mannara says you know me from before, you know I respect you and I don’t like the way you talk to me. Soniya says I am trying to tell you to listen to me carefully. Mannara asks her to relax, its okay. Soniya gives tea to Rinku and leaves. Mannara tells Aishwarya that I didn’t say anything to anyone but people keep targeting me.

10:15 AM
Navid tells Soniya that I can’t speak hindi so people think I am a fool. Its a bit unfair. Munawar asks where did you feel that? Navid says people should be respectful of other cultures, I feel like people are not involving me just because I don’t speak hindi. Munawar says let me tell you what happened, Soniya put ginger in tea and now its full of ginger and there is no flavor in it. Its good tea so don’t target Soniya. Jigna says he is provoking her, Soniya laughs.

11 AM
Khanzaadi tells everyone that Bigg Boss is watching everyone. Ankita tells Vicky to give her water, she leaves but Vicky doesn’t go behind her with water.

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Isha asks Ankita why is she crying? she says I just want to be alone. Isha says I am coming with you. Ankita says just give me 5 minutes, she leaves. Isha asks Vicky why is Ankita crying? he says I don’t know. I was making poha for her and she asked for water but I told her I am already doing some of her work so she should give me some time.

11:15 AM
Vicky asks Ankita what happened? She says you do what you want.. I was asking for water but you didn’t even listen to me. You were talking to everyone but you ignore me. Vicky says I was making poha for you and then you come and asked for water.. I didn’t even get a chance to answer before you left. Ankita says its my mistake, these things keep happening. Vicky asks what’s happening? you are doing everything you want but then you come to me and poke me. Ankita says I feel alone. Vicky says you have to be vocal, you are doing everything, you have a circle and chilling. Ankita says I have to do it. Vicky says we came here to do this. Ankita says I don’t ignore you like you do. Vicky says you feel that but don’t blame me. I was making poha for you only. Ankita says then don’t do it, you don’t have to sing it. Vicky says why are you angry at me? Ankita says you won’t understand so leave it. Vicky says leave it then, he goes from there.

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