Doree 24th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Mansi looks for her daughter

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Scene 1
Doree says I am not her granddaughter and nor am I like her. This si my dad, all I know is because of him. Anand asks then to wait.
Mansi says this means my daughter is alive. Dai maa says I don’t know. Mansi thinks about what she said. She says my daughter could come back to me. I’ve to find her at any cost. Komal wonders where is Mansi running.

Vansh comes to the showroom. He says to Doree don’t go upstairs? She says your sarees don’t have real resham. he says it’s our showroom. Doree says we only sell real ones in our showroom. Vansh says do you have a showroom? Doree says I have everything. Doree and Vansh fight. Ganga stops them. He says don’t mess with him. Nelu comes there. Nelu says everyone knows me here. She says go Ganga you have no room here. Doree says my dad will have a big showroom. Nelu says stop dreaming. Doree sees the AC. She’s fascinated.

Scene 2
Mansi comes to the basti and asks people if anyone saw a girl 6 years ago at the river bank. No one has any idea. Mansi says I promised my daughter to protect her. Please help me find her. Doree says it’s giving such cold wind. Vansh turns it off and says it’s called AC. it’s for rich people like us only. Don’t get used to it. Doree says shut up. she says all rich people are so bad. I am glad I am my dad’s daughter.

Anand says to Shukla no one has more knowledge of this craft than my mom. the client says we want to meet that craftsman. Anand resists. Shukla says bring him in. Nelu says they will call me in for the meeting. They ask Ganga to come in. Ganga goes in. Anand says he’s here. Doree and Ganga meet them. Shukla says congratulations. Ganga says but they didn’t ask me anything. The manager says the boss dealt with everything. Anand says we will do exhibition of your sarees. Anand and Nelu collide. He asks why are you here? She says I came for you. I mean brought Ganga here. He says we can deal with them directly. We don’t need you.

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Scene 3
Ganga and Doree go back. Vansh is angry. He says to Kailashi why did you give them work? Now they’ll become like it. She says no. We control these people. Their thread is in our hands. We can cut it and throw them on ground whenever we want.

Ganga and Doree pray at the temple. Mansi also comes there. She asks people about the little girl. no one knows anything. Doree says to Ganga we will get successful. Ganga says let me prasad for you. Ganga hears a woman asking about a girl who came to river’s bank. He’s shocked. Mansi’s face is hidden. Pandit ji says how can anyone do that to their daughter? Ganga realizes its about Doree. Pandit says they threw their daughter in river and now she’s looking for her after 6 years. Ganga wonders if she’s Doree’s mother.

Episode ends