Parineeti 24th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Neeti insults Pari in the party

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Scene 1
Neeti says Pari only focuses on other women. Sanju says enough Neeti. Mrs. Mehra takes Pari with her. Sanju says to Neeti think before you speak. She says why do you mind? I made a mistake by coming here with you. She leaves. Mrs. Mehra says to Pari my daughter told me everything. How can Neeti do that? Pari says she’s upset. Mrs. Mehra says that she doesn’t allow her to behave this way. She was accusing you of trying to steal her husband. Pari says it’s not like that. Mrs. Mehra says she shouldn’t insult you like this. Pari says it’s a long story. Mrs. Mehra asks her what it is. Pari tells her everything. Mrs. Mehra says but none of it is your fault. Neeti comes there wow now you’re gathering sympathy here? Sanju says come, Neeti. Neeti says I don’t want to talk to you. Pari says Neeti.. Neeti says I don’t talk to such women. Neeti says to Sanju it hurt you that I said anything to Pari? Sanju says you’re testing my patience. Sanju says I am requesting you. Don’t ruin the party. Neeti says ask Pari to apologize to me. I came here for you only. She ruined my mood.

Sukwinder calls Salojna and asks if everything is okay. Salojna says yes. Salojna tells Sukwinder Pari to come here as well. Sukwinder says she’s crossed all the limits. Neeti takes the phone and says don’t worry. Neeti says Pari has to pay for doing this.

Scene 2
Neeti says let’s play a game. This game is about saving your marriage. Your partner won’t get into extramarital affairs. I had a love marriage with the love of my life, Sanju. But never put yourself in a situation where your partner thinks of cheating on you. Let me tell you all a secret to a happy marriage. Neeti says but let’s wait. She says Pari can you get me a glass of water? You’re here to work only. Pari gives her water. Neeti asks who’s your husband? You’re pregnant.. How come without a husband? Pari cries.

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Scene 3
Sukwinder comes to Bajwa’s house. Gurinder welcomes her. Sukwinder says to Gurinder I hope at least you will understand me. You’re a mother. You can understand my pain. I told Neeti I was with her. She’s very hurt. I want Neeti and Sanju to have a normal life. I need your help. Gurinder says how can I help? Sukwinder says please take Pari away from Neeti and Sanju’s life. Gurinder says I know Sanju and Neeti love each other. They’re hurt and Pari is taking advantage of that. Sukwinder says we have to do something. Gurinder says you can do something. Pari considers you her mother. You can ask her for that sacrifice with love. Ask her to go away from her life. Sukwidner says yes I will talk to her directly.

Neeti says you’re pregnant, I am sure you have a husband. Everyone is shocked. Neeti says why are you nervous? Pari and Sanju are very good friends. Very close, even closer than me. Sanju says Neeti are you drunk? What are you saying? Neeti hugs Sanju. She says let’s kiss. He says Neeti control.. Neeti says Sanju thinks I am drunk but I am not. I am drunk on my pain. Neeti says yes let’s get back to the game. Let me tell you how to stop a third person in your marriage. But how can I guide? If I knew this wont’ have happened with me. Salojna tries to control Neeti. Neeti says let’s play couple game. She brings chairs. Neeti says let’s do Mr. and Mrs. compatibility test. We think we know our partners but that’s not always true.

Episode ends