Rabb Se Hai Dua 24th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Hina’s condition gets better


Rabb Se Hai Dua 24th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Hina’s condition starts getting better. Dua says please open your eyes. Tell us you still love me. Tell them I’ve never done anything bad to you. please clean my name in front of everyone. Hina starts breathing. Dua says please check her. The doctors give her CPR. The nurse says her condition is getting bad. Hina loses her breath. Gazal says let’s go and prepare for the funeral Ijaz. Hina holds Dua’s hand. The doctors say you’ve brought her out of death. This is a miracle. Hina opens her eyes. The doctor says she’s getting stable. Hadier thanks, God.

Gazal is shocked. Ijaz says they won’t let you live if she speaks. Hina tries to speak. Dua asks ammi what do you want to say. She tries to speak.. She says Gazal.. Gazal is scared. Dua says tell us ammi. We are all with you. Gazal shoves Dua and says I came for you ammi. You took my name and I came. How could I live without you? No one loves me in that house. these people did that to you. They forced you to commit suicide. They can’t be your family. Hina says in her heart she is trying to kill me. Dadi says get out of here. Gulnaaz says she has no shame. Dua says ammi you wanted to say something please tell us. Gazal says ammi I am glad you’re okay. Dua says Ammi is trying to tell something but Gazal is stopping her. The doctors ask them to go out. Dua asks Gazal to get out.

haider prays for Gazal outside. Everyone prays for Hina’s treatment. Dua says I am sure Gazal is responsible for Ammu’s condition. Haider asks the doctor how is amm? She says Hina is getting a lot better. Her vitals are getting in control. Soon she will get better. Everyone is happy. Gazal is shocked. Haider hugs Dua in happiness. He says your prayers came true. Ruhaan hugs Haider. Gulnaaz says thank God baji is better. The doctor says it happened because of your prayers. She was very critical. Dua made it possible. She gave Hina strength. Haider says she is our blessing. I am lucky she’s my wife. Ijaz says to Gazal you better run away from here.

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Ruhaan asks if they can meet hina? She says not until tomorrow morning. Gazal says I’ve to do something. Dua wonders why is she so worried. Dua and Haider go with the doctors. Ijaz says to Gazal I won’t help you anymore. You also run from here. You will go to jail. She will tell them everything  that you tried to kill her. Duua wonders where did Ijaz and Gazal go? Gazal says to Ijaz I shoved her from the stairs but she still survived but Hina has to die now. i will make sure she dies tonight. DUa comes there. Gazal and Ijaz hide. Ijaz says to Gazal i won’t get involved in this. Gazla says if I get caught you will also get caught.

Hina tells Ravi, Ruhaan and Hafeez Gazal is up to something. I feel like she did this to ammi. Ammi and Gazal were missing together. Someone sent us the recording. How? she came here to see if ammi died or not. Gazal ran away when doctors said she’s getting better. Haider is very worried. I can’t tell him right now. She says Ruhana I am sure she will try to kill ammi again. Be with her like a shadow. She says Ravi we have to go home and look for a proof. We’ve to defeat her in her game.

Epsiode ends