Doree 16th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Ganga saves Doree

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Scene 1
Shukla looks at the dupatta. Kailashi realizes he likes it so she gets it. Kailashi says this is our sample. Do you like it? He says wow it’s beautiful such craftsmanship. Make me meet this worker, I will give you this contract. Kailashi says he is out, we will arrange a meeting in 3 days. He leaves. Kailashi asks whose dupatta is it. Vansh says it’s of that same thief. KAilashi asks where is she. Anand recalls he threw her in the trash.

Mansi tries to stop people from burning the trash. Ganga comes there and prays he finds Ganga. Kailashi asks Anand to find that girl and find out who made it. Yash says see maa the girl you got kicked out, now you’re looking for her. Anand asks the watchman where is trash? He says they took her to the dump. Mansi screams there’s a girl in fire. Ganga hears it. He runs towards the fire. Ganga looks for Doree. She says in this bag. Ganga takes out Doree. He’s shocked to see her condition. Ganga cries and says who did it to my Doree. Mansi cries up on the bridge. Ganga screams an says who did this to you Doree. He rushes her to the river. Ganga makes her drink water and says please open your eyes. He screams for help. He says Doree please open your yes. Mansi looks at them and cries. Ganga prays for her. Ganga panics. Mansi says please save her God. Please give her life.

Doree opens her eyes. Ganga hugs her. He says thank God my Doree is okay. Mansi smiles. Anand comes to the dump and asks for the girl. They till him they found a girl but her dad saved her. Anand asks where are they? He says they’ve gone towards the river.

Scene 2
Yash gives Vansh jalebi. Sudha cleans his wound. Vansh says it’s so hot here. Why don’t you get AC here? Should I ask dadi? She says no. We don’t want it. Vansh says we’re one family. Why does dadi get mad when I come to your home? She says you’re a kid. Vansh says I told Mansi that girl is a thief but she only card about her like she’s her daughter. Sudha says she’s your mom. He says I will call her manjali bahu. Vansh rushes home and tells the driver dadi shouldn’t know I went there.

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Ganga makes Doree eat the food. He says why did you leave me? She says so you don’t get worried. Nani said I am not your daughter. I am a curse for you. He says you should have fought with nani. You are my blessing. You’re my life and you left me? Doree says we are one. Ganga says promise me you will never leave me? She says promise. Ganga takes her home.

Scene 3
Kailashi comes to the temple. She says I want that girl at any cost. Ganga comes home. Anand is there. Doree recalls who he is. She hugs Ganga. Ganga asks what happened? She says he threw me in the trash. He’s very evil. Anand says Doree come here, I want to talk to you. Ganga shoves him and says stay away from my Doree. How dare you harm my Doree. I will kill you if you come near her. Anand says it’s a misunderstanding. Doree says no he did it. Ganga shouts stay away. Don’t even come near her. Are you a monster? What if something happened to her? Go from here. We dont’ want to talk to you. Anand says it’s a misunderstanding. I am also a father. I came here to return her dupatta. Doree takes it and says why did you take my dupatta? My dad made it for me. Anand says wow you’re the craftsman. Ganga says go from here. We don’t want to talk to you. Anand says please listen. He says this dupatta is very pretty. I want you to work for us. Ganga says go from here

Episode ends

Episode ends