Neerja 16th November 2023 Written Episode Update

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Neerja 16th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News: Protima and Neerja meet eachother in jail.

Protima is taken to the washroom. Neerja is being bullied by other jailmates. Guard scolds them and they throw the newspaper out. Protima sees the newspaper and is in shock to see Neerja in the jail. Protima walks to Neerja and asks the jailmates to stop talking ill about Neerja. Shefali sees Neerja and Protima together and instructs to keep Protima and Neerja together in the same prison. 

Abeer reads the news and gets upset. Moushmi tells him not to dwell on it and urges him to marry Trisha soon after the engagement. Abeer is shocked by the sudden request. Mumun teases them, and Kaushik insults him using Neerja’s name. Trisha agrees, saying everyone will question their association with Sheikh. Kaushik is eager for the business deal and claims they can explain it to others. Trisha assures Bijoy not to worry, mentioning she told the media not to use their names and expresses disdain for Neerja, calling her a “dirty girl.”

Bijoy appreciates Trisha for caring about the family’s reputation. Meanwhile, Shefali asks Abeer to meet her at the police station, and he agrees. Protima asks Neerja what was written in the newspaper. Neerja apologizes and pleads with Protima to stay away, blaming herself for ruining everything. She explains she did it all for Abeer’s sake to prevent Sheikh’s betrayal, but Protima slaps her, questioning her sacrifice for Abeer’s business at the expense of her own life. She accuses Neerja of destroying everything she worked hard to protect her from.

Protima reveals that Didun aims to label Neerja as someone from Sonagachi, frustrated that Neerja ruined her efforts. She questions why Neerja would sacrifice her life for Abeer’s business, and Neerja admits her love for him. She explains how she tried to make him understand but failed. Didun becomes frustrated seeing Neerja’s news everywhere and becomes agitated, blaming Abeer for being involved in Dada bhai’s matter and accusing him of being behind Neerja’s situation.

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The lawyer visits Didun and explains that focusing on Neerja diverts attention away from Didun, which is good for her. Didun worries about Neerja’s new enemy and insists they ruin her life but keep away from Didun’s path. Neerja confides in her mom, expressing her confusion about whether she did the right thing. She regrets the sacrifices made for love and proposes starting a fresh life away from Sonagachi and Abeer. Protima empathizes with her daughter’s plight, acknowledging her selfless love but worrying about the consequences. Neerja insists she doesn’t need anything but her love, but Protima vows to fight for her. Protima says to Neerja, she always dreamt of raising Neerja out of the dirt and keep her away from it and when did she become so big that now she is fighting to keep her mother out of it. 

Pre cap: Abeer on call says he wants Neerja and her mother out of the jail. Everyone at Bagchi’s hear that and get worried. Moushmi makes Abeer swear on her to not deal with Neerja. Abeer denies to swear and asks Moushmi to stop all the emotional black mail.
Didun meets Trisha and says to her, we both want Neerja to be destroyed so how about we join hands.