Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 16th November 2023 Written Episode Update

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Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 16th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Kesar is on a video call with Investor Desai. Kesar is shown to be in a meeting with the investor. Suraj seeing this decides to interrupt the meeting. Suraj comes to Kesar and asks Kesar to make Khada for him as he is having a sore throat. Suraj apologises to Kesar for interrupting his meeting. Kesar makes Khada for Suraj while attending the meeting. The investor questions Kesar if she will be able to execute the work as most of her work force will be of women. Kesar says to Investor Desai she just proved infront of him that women can multitask as she gave the presentation while making Khada. Investor Desai gets impressed with Kesar’s presentation and says he will get back to her later.

Leela says to Ambica that Kesar is an all rounder as she is able to do everything. Ambica comments as always women have to manage their working life and personal life well if not they will be commented on by the society. Leela says to Ambica that she is thinking as a mother not as a mother in law.

Kesar gives Khada to Suraj. Suraj thanks Kesar and says it’s not as good as a mother. Kesar says she will try better next time.

Ansh asks Dhruvi to call Aarthi as she is not picking up his phone. Dhruvi agrees. Dhruvi calls Aarthi. Kiran attends the call and makes sure that it’s a girl before giving the phone to Aarthi. Kiran warns Aarthi that if he knew she is talking to women he will teach her a lesson. Ansh overhears this all on the phone. Ansh decides to to teach a lesson to Moksh hearing this. Aarthi asks Ansh not to do anything but she notices that Ansh has cut the call. Kiran gives a sedative to Aarthi and knocks her out.

Moksh takes blood from Aarthi and gives blood transfusion to Kiran. Shakuntala asks Kiran to not take so much blood that Aarthi will die. Moksh also reminds Kiran how much they searched for Bombay blood group and they finally found Aarthi. Moksh says if she knows the truth about them then she might break off this marriage. Kiran says then he will collect all of the money that he gave to Shakuntala with interest.

Kabir hopes to see Kesar one last time before going to sell his kidney. Kabir sees Kesar. Kabir writes a note to Kesar and asks a servant of Rajgaur family to give the note to Kesar. Suraj sees this and asks the servant to give the note to him but a wind blows by and the note falls at Kesar’s feet. Kesar sees that Kabir asked her to forgive him. Kesar makes a comment on Kabir.

Suraj gets to know from the doctor that Kabir is going to sell his kidney and it’s an illegal operation.

Moksh says to Kiran that if Aarthi stops giving blood then he might die. Moksh says to Kiran that he needs to make Aarthi think that Moksh is a good guy. Moksh asks Kiran to leave. Kiran leaves from there. Ansh comes to Shakuntala’s house and confronts Moksh.

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Kabir is shown to be operating table. The doctor is about to start the operation. Kabir hopes that Macchan will be safe. The police comes and take the doctors into custody.

Kabir regains consciousness after a while and learns from the police that Suraj saved him from the organ traffickers.

Suraj comes infront of Kabir. Kabir questions Suraj why did he destroy his plan?

Everyone of the Rajgaur family is shown to be praying to Goddess. Kesar breaks a coconut and asks Kesar where is Suraj? Suraj says he is right here. Kesar sees Kabir with Suraj.

It is shown Suraj says to Kabir that he is ready to give Rs 45 lakhs to him for his friend and he will take care of Macchan’s treatment. Kabir asks Suraj why would he help him. Suraj says to Kabir that he has to do whatever he says and follow his every order. Kabir says he has to be his personal assistant from now on. Suraj asks Kabir to think about his offer. Kabir says he is ready to be his servant. Suraj gives car keys to Kabir.

Ambica asks Kabir where has he gone these few days? Suraj says Kabir is looking for a job and says he offered a job to him. Suraj says to Kesar that he doesn’t have any more problem with Kabir and her friendship. Suraj decides to use Kabir to break Kesar’s dream.

Kesar thinks why did Kabir come here. Ambica questions Kesar why is she acting wierd infront of Kabir and why is she is keeping Kabir at a distance. Kesar says she is maintain her distance with Kabir as she doesn’t want something ti happen like last time.

Dhruvi tries to stop Ansh from beating up Moksh. Aarthi regains consciousness. Aarthi comes and sees Ansh beating up Moksh. Ansh sees Aarthi is not even able to stand properly. Dhruvi takes Ansh away from there. Shakuntala sees someone has beaten up Moksh. Shakuntala goes to get water for Moksh.

Kesar comes and questions Kabir why should he come to work here instead of another place. Kabir says he is desperate. Kesar comments on Kabir and asks Kabir to leave even if he has little shame left. Kabir tries to tell the reason but Kesar doesn’t listen and leave from there. Suraj asks Kabir to clean the car well.

Jinal, Hetal and Jayathi talk about what is going on in this house. They here Ridhi’s voice and they go to check it out. They find Ridhi unconscious. Hetal sprinkles water on Ridhi and wakes her up. Jinal asks Ridhi what happened. Ridhi asks them not to interfere in her life and lashes out at them she even bites Hetal in anger. Jinal slaps Ridhi. Ridhi leaves from there. Jinal, Jayathi and Hetal decide to take care of Ridhi’s problem themselves as Ambica is already troubled with a lot of problems.

Kesar talks with a few ladies about their work. Suraj says Kabir to bring sweets to celebrate their new beginning. Kabir brings sweets and drops the sweets on the floor accidentally. Kabir cleans it.

Episode ends.