Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 12th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Amruta slaps Virat

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Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 12th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Bhavani says to Amruta where did I miss that your dad.. Amruta says it’s not your fault. It’s his fault. She says he’s right. Look at Ishika adn me then, there’s no comparison. Husband and wife both are responsible for a marriage breaking. Virat comes and says really? How much is each person’s percentage? Amruta says we don’t want to talk to you. He says am I responsible for my marriage breaking? Am I that bad for a person? Was I that bad when roaming around with your daughter looking for you? Bhavani says we were not talking about you. Virat says really? Who else then? Amruta says we were not talking about you. He says Aunty you also act innocent. Virat says why were you gossiping about me with your mom? Where is the great aaji? Amruta says please go from here. You’re drunk. He says Aaji come down and give me perfect family lectures. Come and insult me. Amruta assays enough. He says why? Is she scared after finding out about her son’s extramarital affair, Isho baby.. Did she.. Amruta says shut up. He says I will say whatever I want. After finding out about your dad did your Aaji go to God? Amruta slaps him. Virat says I can answer you back in your language but my mom didn’t give me such an upbringing. This is my war with you. Amruta says you have crossed all the limits. Amruta says I am not scared of you. He says this is just the beginning. Do whatever you want. I won’t sit silently this time as well.

Babita comes there and says how dare you slap my son? Call the police and tell her she assaulted my son. Bhavani says yes call the police. I will tell them how this drunk man is threatening my daughter. They will find out how drunk your son is. Babita says are you crazy. Bhavani says because of you my daughter’s engagement broke and my MIL.. Amruta says let it be mom. Babita says we will do whatever we want. We will show you your worth. Bhavani says what else can you do? We’re poor but not disgusting like you and your son. Amruta takes Bhavani from there.

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Scene 2
Amruta and Bhavani pray for aaji in pooja. Babita tells Bebe Amruta to slap Virat. Bebe gets angry. Dildar says end this story now. Shekhar comes there. Virat says this has to end. Shekhar says I have good news. They stop him. Deepika reads the news, and Virat gets the award of businessman of the year. They get happy. Bhavani adn Amruta pray for their happiness. Amruta says my family is paying for my istake. Babita says you made me so happy Virat. To hell with people who brought you down. Dildar says this is such a good news. Shekhar says we will have a big celebration. Virat says it’s not needed. Babita says I will show these poor people what our status is. This is the answer to her slap.

Harsh calls Amruta Aaji are out of danger and conscious. Dildar says to Virat let it go. Virat says they don’t care after hurting people. They made fun of my divorce and my family. Dildar says they made a mistake but we’re doing the same. He says I will teach Amruta a lesson. Dildar says you were never that negative. Virat says I always let it go but not anymore. Dildar says he’s more hurt about Amruta.

Scene 3
A woman shows Ishika a video of Amruta slapping Virat. She says the whole society has watched this. Ishika made it viral.

Episode ends

Precap: Ishika says to Amruta and Bhavani you have ruined your life after making a few decisions Jai has also made his decision and it’s taken that his mother will also accept the woman chosen by her son.
Bhavani says to Dnyaneshwari you are not just my mother-in-law please don’t break ties with me. Amruta says to Dnyaneshwari my mother is asking just to live both of them. She says I can’t love both of them.