Dabangii 31st October 2023 Written Episode Update: Chaya learns about Abhi’s release

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The Episode starts with Abhi giving an interview to the reporters. He says I got your love and support, I got jailed for 8 years and even then I have become a minister, I m your Bhau Sahab. The people chant his name. Chaya talks to Arya. Arya says I will become a police officer like my dad. Chaya sees the food, the left over rice and some daal. She asks Arya to come and have food. She feeds the food to Arya. Arya asks won’t you eat it. Chaya says I already had it, you will eat now. Arya says its spicy, eat and check. Chaya eats and says its not at all spicy, you want me to finish the food. She hugs Arya and smiles. Abhi says a person should keep his back strong, he gets a pat and cheat from behind, that too from loved ones, I will come into power this time. His family members smile. Abhi says I swear on Bappa, I will find the one because of whom I went to jail. Chaya and Arya eat the food. Chaya says promise me, you won’t raise hand on anyone. Arya says no way. Chaya says fine, just for a month. Arya says one week. Chaya says 2 weeks, promise me, you won’t fight. Arya says I will try, I promise.

A police officer is seen coming there and meeting Abhi. Abhi recalls the past. Chandrao says we shall leave now, Bhau. Abhi smiles and leaves. Abhi greets his mum. She blesses him. She says forget what he did. She hugs him and says my Satya, my son, you got free on Ganpati’s third day, you will do the Maha aarti this year. His Vahini Kasturi acts sweet. She says I kept a fast for you, I will break it when you feed me the water. He feeds her the water and asks for the reward. She says its waiting for you at home. He says your Sasubai is jealous. He goes. His mum insults her and calls her son illegitimate. She says drama has to end. Kasturi says I know when to end the drama. She goes.

Abhi meets his nephew and asks some questions. The boy says I don’t want to become a lawyer, but a politician like you. Abhi says you have to know the rules to mend it. Kasturi says leave it, he is a kid. Anand says you are my son, you have to become a tiger, fearless. Abhi takes a pic with them. Aai looks on. Arya checks her dad’s message and talks to him. Chaya looks on and cries. She thinks I don’t like to lie to you, but I can’t break your illusion, so I message you by your dad’s name. Arya imagines her dad fighting the goons. Her friend Sonu comes. Chaya messages Arya to keep the secret. Arya says I was talking to my uncle, you ask many questions, come. She gives the phone to Chaya. She goes with Sonu. Chaya thinks I don’t like to send you fake messages, but every lie is forgiven after seeing your smile. Arya and Sonu sit to watch tv. He asks her to play a serial. She asks him to watch action. Chaya sees the news and hears about Abhi’s release. She gets shocked seeing Abhi on the tv.

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Abhi raises the flag of his party. He thinks wherever she is, she would be watching me, I will see how long she gets hidden from me. He says I have to meet everyone in my family. Chaya recalls the past moment with Abhi. Abhi comes and hugs her. He gets a message. She says its thundering, what happened. He says I will just come. She says storm is coming, listen…. FB ends. Abhi says I m eager to meet everyone, then new game and new move. Chaya worries.

She recalls Abhi killing her dad. She shouts Baba….. Abhi turns and sees her. He throws the knife at her. She runs from there. He runs after her. He says listen, I will explain you, you are carrying my child. FB ends. Chaya says switch off the tv. She asks Sonu to go home. Arya asks where are we going. Chaya says very far, pack your bags. Her marriage pic falls. She picks the pic and mangalsutra. Arya comes.

Abhi’s dad and brother scold him and ask him to leave the house, after all he has killed his Sasur. Chaya scolds Arya. Abhi says I have to find her this time. Chaya sees Arya missing.