Suhaagan 31st October 2023 Written Episode Update : Payal intoxicates Krishna

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Krishna thanks Bindiya for saving Payal’s life. Payal says to Krishna, how much you will chit chat let’s go, you need to see a doctor as well. The village doctor arrives to attend to both Krishna and Bindiya’s injuries.
Payal intervenes as she spots two children about to drink a cold beverage into which she had previously mixed a drug. She stops them and disposes of the drink. Following Payal’s request, she and Bindiya decide to leave.

Vikram encounters car trouble, and Baldev jokingly suggests that the car might want them to depart together. Baldev instructs Vikram to fetch another car, but they face the same issue with the second vehicle.

Bindiya, determined to help, steps up to offer assistance. As Krishna drives home with Payal, he grapples with guilt, fearing Bindiya may be telling the truth. Payal reassures him, emphasizing Bindiya’s cleverness. She discreetly mixes the drug into a water bottle and encourages Krishna to drink it.

The villagers discuss Payal and Krishna leaving early, making Bindiya uneasy about Payal’s hidden intentions. They realize they can only get a mechanic the next morning, causing Bindiya to worry about Payal. Dadi suggests that Baldev stay behind, with Vikram also expressing objections. Bindiya remains committed to taking them back and leaves with a sense of uncertainty.

As Krishna feels drowsy while driving, he pulls over, complaining of a heavy head. He asks if Payal can take the wheel, and she agrees. Krishna’s condition worsens, and he begins to babble and nearly passes out.

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Bindiya returns driving a tractor, convincing her family to join her. They all reluctantly climb onto the tractor, much to the amusement of the villagers. Payal manages to reach home with Krishna, who is barely conscious and incoherent. Payal stages a scenario to attract security’s attention, making it appear as though Krishna is making advances toward her.

Pre cap: Bindiya reaches home and see Krishan and Payal’s clothes lying on the floor and goes to their room and sees they have spent a night together.
Bindiya heart broken.